Friday, October 8, 2010

Status Quo

This is my life since I came to Utah, brought to you in 1-2 sentence increments. As you will soon realize, my life sort of depressing... I am depressed after writing this post. Well, here it is:

Mikyn Rehder after waking up at 4 am, driving from 5 am to 1:30 am (due to car overheating, not starting for a half an hour every time i stopped for gas, and lack of acceleration) I AM OFFICIALLY IN UTAH

Mikyn Rehder just got up an hour earlier than was necessary thanks to a clock that was set wrong

Mikyn Rehder So alone and bored!! Chewing on a really stale red vine. (story of my life, I will soon be alone and fat)

Mikyn Rehder sloan and julia told me i could stay with them, but they didn't tell me they would keep me locked in my room... (do you see what I have to deal with?)

Mikyn Rehder IS AN EMPLOYEEEEEEEEE! and the girl from HUGE has the same last name as me (another indication that I will soon be fat, at a fat camp)

Mikyn Rehder walked past some old lady (professor?) who stroked my hair as i passed and said "Such beautiful hair! makes me want to touch!"

Mikyn Rehder the mexican cook at work has trouble saying my name so i told her its like mike 'n ikes. apparently she didnt understand because now shes calling me Candy

Mikyn Rehder YES BYU!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!! Sorry UW. GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aaaaaand that was the last time that happened)

Mikyn Rehder i worry about myself sometimes (like right now)

Mikyn Rehder is going to be all alone tonight. stupid roommates with boyfriends (in case you were wondering, I am still alone)

Mikyn Rehder ran into a guy that i went on a couple dates with last year, who is now engaged. if only i had held out a little longer that could have been me. only in utah... (still alone)

Mikyn Rehder reading is killing me, there are too many hormones in this apartment, and wheat bread is just not as good as white bread.

Mikyn Rehder made a stir fry then spilled it all over myself and the carpet. threw some of it away, put some of it back on my plate and ate it

Mikyn Rehder uuuum does the wilke really nead automatically flushing toilets AND automatic toilet paper dispensers? am I not capable of at least one of these actions?

Mikyn Rehder major karaokeage at Pirates Island turned out an awesome rendition of My Humps

Mikyn Rehder our roommates are hiking timp and bad things happen when me and emily are alone together

Mikyn Rehder just reread some of my blog posts... i am kind of weird (...)

Mikyn Rehder can't get enough of the triplets. She wishes she could just have them all, all the time (I did not write this one)

Mikyn Rehder i hate when i can hear people out having fun and im sitting on my couch reading "texts from last night" (seriously, this is getting embarrassing)

Mikyn Rehder well the shower is broken again, I seem to have the magic touch (yes, I broke it both times)

Mikyn Rehder got up at 6:30 to go clean up a wetland with REI, sat in some poop, pulled some cattails in my waders, got really dirty, took some free food, had the Best Time Ever!

Mikyn Rehder eating cereal and i think my milk went bad (it did)

Mikyn Rehder is at work and I am pretty sure that I can communicate with machines...

Mikyn Rehder Best Living with Plants class EVER! My tongue is now numb and I'm feelin good

Mikyn Rehder great day with the family. My niece kept putting a blanket over my head and telling me how great I looked

Mikyn Rehder saw a guy carrying his girlfriend bridal style across some wet grass while holding an umbrella... hes a keeper

Mikyn Rehder a half hour of studying, a half hour of facebook... the only way to make the library bearable

Mikyn Rehder I like it on the floor (the only highlight in my life heh heh)

Mikyn Rehder made oatmeal this morning, the oatmeal blew up out of the pan then the towel i tried to wipe it up with caught on fire, i just sat there staring at it burn until brenna yelled "Mikyn, put it in the sink!" then i put it in the sink

Mikyn Rehder this is unrelated to yesterdays incident, but i think i may have burned my fingerprint off

Mikyn Rehder was walking to my car after work when this deaf guy hands me a note that is asking for money so he can get home, i gave him a dollar then realized we were in the middle of Center street and it was not our turn to walk, so I ran and narrowly missed getting hit by a car (why do these things keep happening to me?)

In response to the last couple statuses I really am not retarded. It's just been a crazy week.