Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ride

Weeeell, Ive made it to Utah! Yes, Ive been here for almost two days and I know you're all dieing to hear about how the trip went. Well, in the words of my good friend Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Bennett), "Are you sure you care to know? Prepare yourself for something very dreadful."
I started my trip by waking up at 4 am and catching the 5:20 ferry. Once off the ferry I had a little trouble finding the highway but it only took two tries. Thanks to my newly downloaded music and book on tape the first several hours went pretty fast. The first hitch in my trip came when I missed my first exit. I had to turn around and it only took about ten minutes to get back on track.
My car kept overheating and so I had to keep my heat on almost the ENTIRE trip in like 90 - 100 degree weather. My feet were pretty hot.
But I dont want to bore you with all the gory details... Like my pounding headache and lack of desire to eat because of the heat. I was pretty miserable.
The exciting parts came at the gas stations. Every time I stopped for gas my car wouldn't start again for at least a half hour.

#1: Ellensburg - not important
#2: Somewhere right after I entered Oregon. I get to a gas station, in Oregon people pump your gas for you. So I got my gas pumped by a cute guy, my car wouldn't start, so I got to spend my time waiting talking to cute guy. Not so bad.
#3: Somewhere else in Oregon. Like Old Grand or something. Another young guy, this one short and not so cute but really nice. I got some more water for my headache. Then my car started I get out onto the road and my breaks started freaking out. I almost died.
#4: Idaho. A really small hick, podunk town called Greyson's Ferry or something like that. First, there was no ferry, we were in Idaho for crying out loud. Second, I couldn't get the gas pump to work. By this time I was super dizzy, suffering heat stroke, and talking to dad on the phone, trying to pump my gas. I sat in the gas station and asked dad how much longer I had. It was about 7:30 pm and dad tells me I still have about 5 hours. Thats when I suffered a mental breakdown. I also contemplated suicide.
#6: Snowville, Utah. Lots of nice cowboys asking me if I need help. Also I picked up a couple hitchhikers. Those moths kept me company the rest of the way.
I got to Orem at about 1:30 in the morning. I made it.

Sorry this post wasn't as witty as usual but Im kind of tired and can't be bothered.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Some of you may be wondering why I changed my blog around. Well, what used to be known as Wild Life Conservation is now known as THIS IS MY LIFE! for a couple reasons.
1. The former title didn't take much thought, I just sort of wrote it in the hopes that it would be considered as some sort of pun.
2. THIS IS MY LIFE! has become a motto of sorts for me this summer. Something I would scream when mom or Regen made me mad.
3. Change is good.
Now you know so stop freaking out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sometimes I Worry

Sitting in the living room with Dad (Ed Rehder III) and Regen (who is dead to me). Dad always talks about and look at old cars. He likes to pretend that one day he will own such a car. Like an El Camino or, in this case, a 69 Charger. He was looking at chargers on my computer and...

Mikyn: this is the wrong type of car to be looking at


Mikyn: you should be looking at a jeep...for me

Dad: (sarcastic laugh) HA HA HA THAT is one of the sexiest cars ever made.

Mikyn: What...are you trying to pick up chicks?

Dad: No... not anymore.

Mikyn: Then why are you trying to be sexy?

Regen: (butting in as usual) THE CAR IS SEXY! (why does she always have to yell? She is really very angry)

Dad: mumbled agreement with regen

Mikyn: So... what are you attracted to cars?

Dad: Yeah. Some of them.

Mikyn: This explains a lot.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Banana

Well! I know what you're thinking - it sure has been a while since Mikyn's last post. That is because I have been doing nothing but working and not much else. I also don't really have a topic for this post. However...

Now that I think about it, the other day I came home from babysitting and called around to see if anyone was home. No answer came. Now, normal people might take this silence as a sign that no one was home. I on the other hand, through many careful deductions, deduced that mom was upstairs on the phone. She was the only one accounted for.

Then I decided to use the bathroom. After taking care of business I sat in the bathroom and started to make extremely loud grunting noises... I know. But I was thinking about how funny it would be if there were someone to hear me making these noises and assume the obvious. So I kept making them. Once I had sufficiently proved my point I left the bathroom and went to use my dad's phone because mom was still on our home phone. I walked into his office and was surprised to find that dad was in there. Halfway out of his chair, with a worried look on his face. Did I mention his office is right next to the bathroom?

Dad: "Why were you making those noises?"

Me: "Heh heh, um I don't know..."

Dad: "Uh-huh. Does this have anything to do with you watching your butt jiggle...?"

Me: (backing out of office) "Dad, sometimes I just do things, I don't know why I do them, I just do."

Dad: "Yeah."

Me: "I thought it would be funny if someone heard me!"

Well someone had. Personally, I feel sorry for dad, who witnesses my strange antics on a regular basis while everyone else seems to miss them.

On a different note, I was watching a nature show on gorillas, and they captured the rarely sighted mating experience. Basically, these gorillas were having sex and it looked a heck of a lot like humans having sex. I wasn't sure what to do at this point because as the sightings are "rare" I thought I should watch it, but as it was rather human-like I felt like I was watching Gorilla Porn.