Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sometimes I Worry

Sitting in the living room with Dad (Ed Rehder III) and Regen (who is dead to me). Dad always talks about and look at old cars. He likes to pretend that one day he will own such a car. Like an El Camino or, in this case, a 69 Charger. He was looking at chargers on my computer and...

Mikyn: this is the wrong type of car to be looking at


Mikyn: you should be looking at a jeep...for me

Dad: (sarcastic laugh) HA HA HA THAT is one of the sexiest cars ever made.

Mikyn: What...are you trying to pick up chicks?

Dad: No... not anymore.

Mikyn: Then why are you trying to be sexy?

Regen: (butting in as usual) THE CAR IS SEXY! (why does she always have to yell? She is really very angry)

Dad: mumbled agreement with regen

Mikyn: So... what are you attracted to cars?

Dad: Yeah. Some of them.

Mikyn: This explains a lot.

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