Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Banana

Well! I know what you're thinking - it sure has been a while since Mikyn's last post. That is because I have been doing nothing but working and not much else. I also don't really have a topic for this post. However...

Now that I think about it, the other day I came home from babysitting and called around to see if anyone was home. No answer came. Now, normal people might take this silence as a sign that no one was home. I on the other hand, through many careful deductions, deduced that mom was upstairs on the phone. She was the only one accounted for.

Then I decided to use the bathroom. After taking care of business I sat in the bathroom and started to make extremely loud grunting noises... I know. But I was thinking about how funny it would be if there were someone to hear me making these noises and assume the obvious. So I kept making them. Once I had sufficiently proved my point I left the bathroom and went to use my dad's phone because mom was still on our home phone. I walked into his office and was surprised to find that dad was in there. Halfway out of his chair, with a worried look on his face. Did I mention his office is right next to the bathroom?

Dad: "Why were you making those noises?"

Me: "Heh heh, um I don't know..."

Dad: "Uh-huh. Does this have anything to do with you watching your butt jiggle...?"

Me: (backing out of office) "Dad, sometimes I just do things, I don't know why I do them, I just do."

Dad: "Yeah."

Me: "I thought it would be funny if someone heard me!"

Well someone had. Personally, I feel sorry for dad, who witnesses my strange antics on a regular basis while everyone else seems to miss them.

On a different note, I was watching a nature show on gorillas, and they captured the rarely sighted mating experience. Basically, these gorillas were having sex and it looked a heck of a lot like humans having sex. I wasn't sure what to do at this point because as the sightings are "rare" I thought I should watch it, but as it was rather human-like I felt like I was watching Gorilla Porn.

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  1. Maybe you should blog about watching real porn...