Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Old Folks

Why do old people have such a hard time with technology? In my experience as technology progresses it usually gets more user friendly. If you want to post a comment on facebook click "comment" or "post". If you want to make the projector go black press "blank". Sometimes they even have nice pictures for people who dont read good. This isn't a random rant on old people, I have first hand experience, as I'm sure most young adults do, with the old people + technology = failure equation.
In soil science class:
Basically ever time my professor wants to turn the sound on for a video he wants to show us.
Prof: now lets see...
Various Students: its in the corner
Prof: (clicks the mute button on the video.)
VS: No, you just muted it, the volume is in the corner!
Prof: Hmmmm.... Lets try it now. (presses play)
VS: (getting frustrated, leaning forward in seats) No! It's still on mute, reclick the mute button!
Prof: (slowly drags the mouse to the mute button, tentatively clicks it) OK! Now lets try it.
VS: (all yelling, class in uproar) Seriously, its not that hard!! You still need to click the volume in the CORNER!!!!!!
Prof: (clicks the button in the corner, drags the volume all the way down, then finally turns it up)
VS: (sigh of relief and sit back in chairs) THANK YOU!

In the van with my previous manager driving to the farmer's market:
Manager's phone goes off *call from (insert name)
Manager: (doesn't answer his phone, phone's ringtone continues to tell him who is calling)
Me: ...
Manager: (ringing stops) Oh! Did I just miss a call?
Me: ...yeah
Manager: Let's see who it was...
Me: (his ringtone just told him who it was...)
Manager: Uh, calls, missed calls. Oh! I have voice activation, (points for knowing the word)(talks into phone) MISSED CALLS!!!
Me: ...
Manager: MISSED CALLS!!! No! (gives up, does it by hand) Now, missed calls, there, oh she called! Contacts...contacts....Oops! Turned my phone off!
Me: (should I offer to help him? Is he watching the road? Am I going to die?)
Manager: Turn on... OK, now, contacts... call! (holds phone to ear, triumphant smile)
Me: ...


I just got back last night from the best trip ever. I was in Moab, Utah with the Wildlife and Range club and I am now somewhat depressed at the prospect of homework and apartment life. I WANT TO GO BACK TO MOAB!!!!! There are rocks and canyons there and even though its freaking cold, I would rather be out in nature right now. Instead I am here, on my laptop, and decided to relive my experience by writing about it.
We started out around 1 pm Friday afternoon, there were ten of us: Mikyn, John, Jay, Jordan, Tamara, Jocelyn, Amy, Robbie, Austin and Victoria (married) and a professor, Tom Smith. We drove in a big van for threeish hours until we ended up in a camping spot in a canyon. I was kind of surprised because we had an actual camping spot with a fire pit, a pavilion, and picnic tables instead of just setting up in the wilderness somewhere, but that was fine. On one side was the Colorado River and on the other was a canyon wall of red rock. We set up camp, had a dinner of tacos from a dutch oven, the temperature dropped significantly, and we started out on a night hike. We hiked up the rock to Corona Arch and we thought it would only be appropriate if we celebrated the arch with a little Corona beer. So needless to say this trip was a party. Well, anyway we hiked and it was awesome because we were following rock cairns and it wasn't just a trail, you could walk anywhere. We passed caves and had to hold on to steel cables at some points, it was awesome. Finally, the arch loomed ahead of us and we were able to scamper around the rocks, look at the crazy amount of stars, and just enjoy the experience. Luckily, I had some weed so we smoked that too. Did I mention we were all wearing headlamps?
That night, after the hike, we made a fire and roasted starbursts and listened to 6'7'' Robbie tell us jokes that he made up in his insanely deep voice. The funny thing was he would always start them "Speaking of rabbits, did you hear about the..." Which of course we hadn't because he made it up. Then we all retired to our beds where, I don't know about anyone else but, I froze my shorts off. I wasn't actually wearing shorts, I was wearing leggings, two pairs of socks, a shirt, my footy pajamas, and a fleece jacket, with a blanket and a sleeping bag. But I still froze. I got up as soon as it was light outside. Did I mention we had three dogs on this trip?
So after everyone was up and fed we headed into Long Canyon to look for big horned sheep. While looking we climbed around on the rocks and took in the majesty of the canyon. We finally did see some big horned sheep across the canyon. They looked like little white dots until we looked in binoculars and saw them for real. It was awesome. Then we discovered a thirty foot crack in a rock and John and Jay found a hole which we could crawl through to get into it. So some of us crawled through this insanely small hole and hung out in this crack until we climbed out of it. It was Emperor's New Groove-esque because we braced ourselves against the wall and pushed ourselves up.
After we played around for a while longer, we ate lunch and packed up camp. Before we headed home we wanted to find a place to repel. So John, being the expert climber in the group, found us a place where we could anchor and repel. The first repel was just down a ten foot drop so we could practice. The only problem was that there was a severe lip on the way down and it was hard to get passed it without hitting myself on the rock. So after being suspended in the air for a while I finally just lowered my my upper body below my feet until I could swing safely below the lip. It was intense. The second repel was more like 50 or 60 feet. Apparently I didn't do as well with that one because I just lowered myself down without pushing against the rock so much. But it was fun. Then we drove the three and a half hours back to Provo. All in all, an awesome trip. I want to go back. But alas here I am.

And just for everybody who may read this, Mom would like me to add that we didn't actually drink or do drugs on this trip. Those comments were for humor purposes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day of the DEAD - Nov 2nd Also known as Election Day

SOooooooooooo, I haven't written in a while. For some reason things that seemed fun to do over the summer no longer seem fun. Examples: blogging, reading, cooking, eating healthy food, going on random runs. Basically everything that is good, I dont want to do. Literally, I have read one book this semester for fun (or at all) compared to the twenty some books i read this summer. It was Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series, lets just say I was slightly disappointed in the ending. Its times like these when I realize that some of my favorite books are really poorly written. Example: The Hunger Games, Twilight. They are also the easiest to read.
But, really that's not the point of this post. I really just wanted to write and tell you all about my week. First of all... I TURNED @)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats i turned 20 in all capitals. My birthday was awesome. If you dont believe me look at my pictures on facebook. They tell all.
Some presents I got:
-what im guessing are bunny skin mittens. Really soft.
- Clothes, box of candy, money
- Sign that says "I Kiss Better Than I Cook" true. and Im a really good cook ;)
Among various other things. Thanks to all those who contributed. Birthdays are the best because everybody tells you how awesome you are and you finally realize how many people care. This information comes from reading my wall on facebook. All the posts really make me smile. Also I get a lot of texts which is great while my phone is being blown up and depressing the next day when i receive zero texts.
I got a couple surprise parties thrown for me. Some not so surprising but still appreciated. On monday night I walked into FHE to be greeted by a bunch of mexicans yelling "SURPRISE!!!" Horrifying. But not as horrifying as looking at the corner and realizing that Sloan and Julia were there. Really confusing. I felt really awkward, like everyone expected something from me. It didn't help that i am the mom of my FHE and am supposed to know what is up. Apparently we were not playing games that night. But it was a worthy endeavor by my small and perky sister in law.
Other things that happened to me this week:
1. I lost my job. The restaurant I workED at closed on saturday and I found out wednesday because none of the owners or managers thought it was necessary to tell any of the servers.
2. My computer charger broke. I am writing this from my roommate Brenna's laptop.
3. My voicemail stopped working on my phone.
4. I got a flat tire. No I dont have a spare.