Monday, November 8, 2010

Day of the DEAD - Nov 2nd Also known as Election Day

SOooooooooooo, I haven't written in a while. For some reason things that seemed fun to do over the summer no longer seem fun. Examples: blogging, reading, cooking, eating healthy food, going on random runs. Basically everything that is good, I dont want to do. Literally, I have read one book this semester for fun (or at all) compared to the twenty some books i read this summer. It was Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series, lets just say I was slightly disappointed in the ending. Its times like these when I realize that some of my favorite books are really poorly written. Example: The Hunger Games, Twilight. They are also the easiest to read.
But, really that's not the point of this post. I really just wanted to write and tell you all about my week. First of all... I TURNED @)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats i turned 20 in all capitals. My birthday was awesome. If you dont believe me look at my pictures on facebook. They tell all.
Some presents I got:
-what im guessing are bunny skin mittens. Really soft.
- Clothes, box of candy, money
- Sign that says "I Kiss Better Than I Cook" true. and Im a really good cook ;)
Among various other things. Thanks to all those who contributed. Birthdays are the best because everybody tells you how awesome you are and you finally realize how many people care. This information comes from reading my wall on facebook. All the posts really make me smile. Also I get a lot of texts which is great while my phone is being blown up and depressing the next day when i receive zero texts.
I got a couple surprise parties thrown for me. Some not so surprising but still appreciated. On monday night I walked into FHE to be greeted by a bunch of mexicans yelling "SURPRISE!!!" Horrifying. But not as horrifying as looking at the corner and realizing that Sloan and Julia were there. Really confusing. I felt really awkward, like everyone expected something from me. It didn't help that i am the mom of my FHE and am supposed to know what is up. Apparently we were not playing games that night. But it was a worthy endeavor by my small and perky sister in law.
Other things that happened to me this week:
1. I lost my job. The restaurant I workED at closed on saturday and I found out wednesday because none of the owners or managers thought it was necessary to tell any of the servers.
2. My computer charger broke. I am writing this from my roommate Brenna's laptop.
3. My voicemail stopped working on my phone.
4. I got a flat tire. No I dont have a spare.


  1. good thing you had a birthday that week or it really woulda stunk...losing your job, flat tire, broken stuff. haha. didnt we (my apt)surprise you with a cheesecake?? hopefully that wasnt the not-too-surprising one!

  2. hey turns out i did have a spare tho!