Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Old Folks

Why do old people have such a hard time with technology? In my experience as technology progresses it usually gets more user friendly. If you want to post a comment on facebook click "comment" or "post". If you want to make the projector go black press "blank". Sometimes they even have nice pictures for people who dont read good. This isn't a random rant on old people, I have first hand experience, as I'm sure most young adults do, with the old people + technology = failure equation.
In soil science class:
Basically ever time my professor wants to turn the sound on for a video he wants to show us.
Prof: now lets see...
Various Students: its in the corner
Prof: (clicks the mute button on the video.)
VS: No, you just muted it, the volume is in the corner!
Prof: Hmmmm.... Lets try it now. (presses play)
VS: (getting frustrated, leaning forward in seats) No! It's still on mute, reclick the mute button!
Prof: (slowly drags the mouse to the mute button, tentatively clicks it) OK! Now lets try it.
VS: (all yelling, class in uproar) Seriously, its not that hard!! You still need to click the volume in the CORNER!!!!!!
Prof: (clicks the button in the corner, drags the volume all the way down, then finally turns it up)
VS: (sigh of relief and sit back in chairs) THANK YOU!

In the van with my previous manager driving to the farmer's market:
Manager's phone goes off *call from (insert name)
Manager: (doesn't answer his phone, phone's ringtone continues to tell him who is calling)
Me: ...
Manager: (ringing stops) Oh! Did I just miss a call?
Me: ...yeah
Manager: Let's see who it was...
Me: (his ringtone just told him who it was...)
Manager: Uh, calls, missed calls. Oh! I have voice activation, (points for knowing the word)(talks into phone) MISSED CALLS!!!
Me: ...
Manager: MISSED CALLS!!! No! (gives up, does it by hand) Now, missed calls, there, oh she called! Contacts...contacts....Oops! Turned my phone off!
Me: (should I offer to help him? Is he watching the road? Am I going to die?)
Manager: Turn on... OK, now, contacts... call! (holds phone to ear, triumphant smile)
Me: ...


  1. mikyn. this is my number one pet peeve ever. I love that you share it with me.

  2. I told you and this post just confirmed that it is true. ;>