Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know we have all seen those websites where kids have crazy texting conversations with their parents. This is a real conversation I had with my dad, spelling and everything. You gotta love parents.

Dad: Im txtng from the livung room @ home. Installed a booster it seems to work. Yay!
Me: Nice. I wish you had had that two weeks ago.
Dad: I am sitting on the couch texting u. Just installed a booster to help lousy cell reception. U r my second attempt 2 use phone st home.
Me: Thank you
Dad: I am me your father
Me: Are you also high?
Dad: It works! I am hi tech now!
Me: Awesome!
Dad: I didn't want u texting all the time. Just paying attentuon to me
Me: I see. Well it worked really well