Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some people wish their life was like a movie. Sometimes I am one of those people. Well today a series of events occured that, in retrospect, seemed a lot like a movie. I have decided to name the screenplay "Tink" in honor of a very important character: Tink. Enjoy.

Foreshadowing: Mikyn gets up in the morning and puts on her WWF shirt.

Scene: Mikyn drives her hot, red camaro down the road. She listens to the radio and hangs her arm out the window as the wind blows her voluminous locks around her face. Suddenly, shock registers on her face. (shot of Mikyn's shocked expression) She sees a sparrow sitting in the road which does not fly away as she passes. (shot of the bird in the road)

Mikyn: GASP!

Making a snap decision Mikyn pulls onto the side of the road. Hurrying she fumbles with her seatbelt and jumps out of the car. She crosses the street and runs down to where the bird still sits. She walks into the road without looking and almost gets hit by a car. She makes sure the cars go around the bird then scoops it into her hands and runs back to her car which is blocking another car from going down a road.

Once in the car she needs to make another decision. The bird is obviously hurt. One of its legs is curled and unmoving and the bird convulses as if it is trying to chirp but can't. Mikyn decides to take it home, which is close. Holding it in one hand she drives with total disregard for her own safety (she isn't wearing a seatbelt). Mikyn makes it home, the bird flaps its wings but doesn't have the strength to retract them.

Mikyn gets out of the car and realizes something is seriously wrong. The bird is struggling. Then suddenly it starts regurgitating some sort of orange liquid all over Mikyn's hands!

Mikyn: Ah!!!! What's wrong? Are you Okay?

The little bird starts to weaken Mikyn drops to her knees in the dirt, trying to help it but not knowing how! The birds head starts to roll.

Mikyn: Bird? No! Stay with me! Come on! Don't die!!

Mikyn holds the bird in her cupped hands as its eyes close. Its convulsions grow stronger then fade. Its head rolls back a final time. The bird is still.

Mikyn realizes that the bird just died in her hands.

Mikyn: Birdy? NO! Nooooo!(cue song: Died In Your Arms Tonight)

Mikyn sits in dazed silence.

Mikyn puts the bird in a bucket but needs a place to hide it from Artie the cat. Ah! She sees a good place, walks over to Regen's car and sticks the bucket inside. Then she drives to the dentist, where she was going in the first place.

Scene: Mikyn and Kenley walk in a meadow. Mikyn carrying a red bucket, a shove, and a camera. Kenley carries nothing. They find a good place, Mikyn digs a hole, they take some pictures.

Mikyn: Kenley, what should we name the bird?

Kenley: Why does he need a name?

Mikyn: Because he should have a name.

Kenley: MMMM....(she thinks)How about...Tinkerbell?

Mikyn: Um, it might be a boy, how about Tink?

Kenley: Ok, Tink.

Then they lay the bird in the hole and bury it. Kenley puts some flowers on the grave, Mikyn puts some flowers on the grave.

Mikyn: Ok, now say "Goodbye Tink, it was nice knowing you."

Kenley: Goodbye Tink, I didn't know you.

Mikyn lets it slide. They walk away. Mikyn carries a shovel and a camera. Kenley carries a red bucket. (slow zoom in on flower covered grave).
Roll End Credits

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is Brisen.
As you can see, Brisen is pretty Hip!
And if we go

We see Brisen Smiling!!!!!
She likes to laugh in her sleep, apparently her dreams are pretty funny.

I've heard babies this young remember their birth and dream about it. I wonder what she saw that was so funny..?

A Little Perspective

This is Jackson. He is the youngest kid I nanny.
Some things about Jackson:
-He just turned 2
-He really likes to smile big (see below) and laugh
-He can't leave a door partially closed
-He has a weird looking stuffed animal he loves. He rubs the tag on the stuffed animal in his nose with his finger.

This is Jasmine. Jackson's older sister, who I also nanny.
Some things about Jasmine:
-She is 6
-She really likes her DS (see picture)
-She likes Pokemon and has the game for her DS.
-She likes to get her own food from the kitchen which I don't let her do.

This is Alex, another of the kids I nanny. She is standing next to a fort I built for her. See, I do actually do things for the kids I nanny for. WE INTERACT!!
Some things about Alex:
-She cries a lot
-She scares easily (ie- closed doors, bugs, hummingbirds...)
-She is going to marry Edward Cullen and would like me to tell everyone I meet to stay away from him! She also kind of looks like a vampire because she is missing her two front teeth.
-She tells jokes about blood and death
-She is 5

This is Alex at Fay Bainbridge

This is Mt. Rainier

Now you know who I'm talking about

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mac 'n Please STOP!

Hi-dee-ho neighbor!!!! It sure has been an exciting week in Mikynville. First, as many of you know, a new baby was born in the Knoebel family/ Rehder household. Brisen Lea Knoebel, yep thats her name. I was present for the birth and let me tell you, it's disgusting. And yes I know that its also beautiful and what not. But seriously its gross. I was standing by Regen's head but I could still see most of it. The baby looked like it was dead until it came all the way out. Like a mandrake from Harry Potter. It was really strange, cause the baby's face was all wrinkled but not moving, like it was an empty sack of baby. Thankfully it came to life. However, the worst part was the epideral because it looked like it really sucked and while Regen was getting it and all I could think of was that that would be me someday and I REALLY don't want to get an epideral, but I REALLY dont want to feel my pelvis breaking in two. Its a dilemma.

The other thing is that its really sunny out and I have a cold.

The other, other thing is that I have eaten more macaroni and cheese, since I became a nanny, than I ever dreamed I would. First of all, why do you need 4 tablespoons of butter?! Why does it need butter in the first place? Second, macaroni with 2% milk and margarine is not the same as macaroni with whole milk and butter. I think you know which one I like. And last, you know how kids like to stick the macaroni on the fork prongs with their fingers? well its gross! I know I used to do the same thing, it was fun. But WATCHING kids do it is really disgusting because their hands get all cheesy and the macaroni gets touched a lot before they eat it. So I sit there saying, "Just eat your macaroni!" and they still do it. So I say, "Just eat your macaroni!" so instead they decide to put the fork in their mouth sideways and lick the macaroni off with their tongues and then the macaroni falls on the ground. Why are kids like this?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Knoebel!!!

Baby Knoebel: Born at 7:14 am on July 11 2010 after a long 24 hours in the hospital. She is 7 lbs 15 ounces and is pretty cute. There is no agreement on a name yet, Regen has to take a nap before she can think about it.

This was the first live birth I've ever seen and let me tell you, I may never have a child. Not really. But I'm pretty freaked out!

Ok, so she's kind of weird looking right now, but she will get better looking I promise.

Anyway I thought I'd post some pics of my new niece! and maybe a video or two.

Final Jog

So its 6:18 am. Regen has been here for almost 24 hours. We've been here almost 22. Still no baby. However the water is broken! Dilated to a 6!!!!! Come on Regen!!!! Please Please Please!!!!!! I have discovered that having a baby is not fun. There seems to be a lot of discomfort and pain and even the medicine hurts (I will touch on this at a later date). Feeling pressure... Gotta Go!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Videos!!! or they would be if there was a baby

The Baby is Lower!!!! Regen is dilated to about 3-4 centimeters and its been so long we're all pretty bored. I started laughing hysterically at one point. Epideral sooooooon.

Regen's Fetus and Hospital Food

Well! Here we are at the hospital, finally. After two grueling months, I never have to listen to Regen complain AGAIN!!!! Also it has been almost 5 hours since Regen and Matt arrived at the hospital and they just gave her the drugs to induce her. I myself have a cold, even though its been about 90 degrees outside, and am sort of miserable, sitting on the couch in the hospital room living in fear that the spider behind it will crawl out and get me.

We are watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I am wondering when this baby is going to come out of Regen's chamber of secrets????? Still no decision on a name.

Regen is only allowed to have orange jell-o and popsicles, which I think is funny because she is really hungry and doesn't like the jell-o. Now Matt is trying to read my blog while pretending to look at the hospital menu.


Regen: "Breakfast ended at eleven."


Regen: "Shut up."

Matt: "Bacon Cheeseburger! Chicken Strips!"

Regen: "That doesn't sound good."

Matt: "I dont know that I've ever had this lean cod that everyone keeps talking about." (what? Is this a restaraunt? Is Matt here enough to have had the opportunity to try the Lean Cod?)

The nurse says that if "daddy" eats in front of "mommy" daddy is going to be in trouble. Regen says all three of will be. Also, its been so long that Matt misses Kenley. I think we've all lost track of time and space. I know Mom has. It happens to her easily.

More updates later...?

Im going to Dairy Queen

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

THE WORLD HAS ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP! HELP!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALEX FELL OFF THE SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is five, she fell off of the swing, "hurt" her elbow, cried until I yelled out the window, "ARE YOU OK?", apparently not. She came inside, I hugged her, she continued crying, then I suggested that she take a nap now to rest her elbow...

Suddenly her elbow doesn't hurt so much anymore.

Aaaaaand we're back outside.