Saturday, July 10, 2010

Regen's Fetus and Hospital Food

Well! Here we are at the hospital, finally. After two grueling months, I never have to listen to Regen complain AGAIN!!!! Also it has been almost 5 hours since Regen and Matt arrived at the hospital and they just gave her the drugs to induce her. I myself have a cold, even though its been about 90 degrees outside, and am sort of miserable, sitting on the couch in the hospital room living in fear that the spider behind it will crawl out and get me.

We are watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I am wondering when this baby is going to come out of Regen's chamber of secrets????? Still no decision on a name.

Regen is only allowed to have orange jell-o and popsicles, which I think is funny because she is really hungry and doesn't like the jell-o. Now Matt is trying to read my blog while pretending to look at the hospital menu.


Regen: "Breakfast ended at eleven."


Regen: "Shut up."

Matt: "Bacon Cheeseburger! Chicken Strips!"

Regen: "That doesn't sound good."

Matt: "I dont know that I've ever had this lean cod that everyone keeps talking about." (what? Is this a restaraunt? Is Matt here enough to have had the opportunity to try the Lean Cod?)

The nurse says that if "daddy" eats in front of "mommy" daddy is going to be in trouble. Regen says all three of will be. Also, its been so long that Matt misses Kenley. I think we've all lost track of time and space. I know Mom has. It happens to her easily.

More updates later...?

Im going to Dairy Queen

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