Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mac 'n Please STOP!

Hi-dee-ho neighbor!!!! It sure has been an exciting week in Mikynville. First, as many of you know, a new baby was born in the Knoebel family/ Rehder household. Brisen Lea Knoebel, yep thats her name. I was present for the birth and let me tell you, it's disgusting. And yes I know that its also beautiful and what not. But seriously its gross. I was standing by Regen's head but I could still see most of it. The baby looked like it was dead until it came all the way out. Like a mandrake from Harry Potter. It was really strange, cause the baby's face was all wrinkled but not moving, like it was an empty sack of baby. Thankfully it came to life. However, the worst part was the epideral because it looked like it really sucked and while Regen was getting it and all I could think of was that that would be me someday and I REALLY don't want to get an epideral, but I REALLY dont want to feel my pelvis breaking in two. Its a dilemma.

The other thing is that its really sunny out and I have a cold.

The other, other thing is that I have eaten more macaroni and cheese, since I became a nanny, than I ever dreamed I would. First of all, why do you need 4 tablespoons of butter?! Why does it need butter in the first place? Second, macaroni with 2% milk and margarine is not the same as macaroni with whole milk and butter. I think you know which one I like. And last, you know how kids like to stick the macaroni on the fork prongs with their fingers? well its gross! I know I used to do the same thing, it was fun. But WATCHING kids do it is really disgusting because their hands get all cheesy and the macaroni gets touched a lot before they eat it. So I sit there saying, "Just eat your macaroni!" and they still do it. So I say, "Just eat your macaroni!" so instead they decide to put the fork in their mouth sideways and lick the macaroni off with their tongues and then the macaroni falls on the ground. Why are kids like this?

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