Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Perspective

This is Jackson. He is the youngest kid I nanny.
Some things about Jackson:
-He just turned 2
-He really likes to smile big (see below) and laugh
-He can't leave a door partially closed
-He has a weird looking stuffed animal he loves. He rubs the tag on the stuffed animal in his nose with his finger.

This is Jasmine. Jackson's older sister, who I also nanny.
Some things about Jasmine:
-She is 6
-She really likes her DS (see picture)
-She likes Pokemon and has the game for her DS.
-She likes to get her own food from the kitchen which I don't let her do.

This is Alex, another of the kids I nanny. She is standing next to a fort I built for her. See, I do actually do things for the kids I nanny for. WE INTERACT!!
Some things about Alex:
-She cries a lot
-She scares easily (ie- closed doors, bugs, hummingbirds...)
-She is going to marry Edward Cullen and would like me to tell everyone I meet to stay away from him! She also kind of looks like a vampire because she is missing her two front teeth.
-She tells jokes about blood and death
-She is 5

This is Alex at Fay Bainbridge

This is Mt. Rainier

Now you know who I'm talking about

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