Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Old Folks

Why do old people have such a hard time with technology? In my experience as technology progresses it usually gets more user friendly. If you want to post a comment on facebook click "comment" or "post". If you want to make the projector go black press "blank". Sometimes they even have nice pictures for people who dont read good. This isn't a random rant on old people, I have first hand experience, as I'm sure most young adults do, with the old people + technology = failure equation.
In soil science class:
Basically ever time my professor wants to turn the sound on for a video he wants to show us.
Prof: now lets see...
Various Students: its in the corner
Prof: (clicks the mute button on the video.)
VS: No, you just muted it, the volume is in the corner!
Prof: Hmmmm.... Lets try it now. (presses play)
VS: (getting frustrated, leaning forward in seats) No! It's still on mute, reclick the mute button!
Prof: (slowly drags the mouse to the mute button, tentatively clicks it) OK! Now lets try it.
VS: (all yelling, class in uproar) Seriously, its not that hard!! You still need to click the volume in the CORNER!!!!!!
Prof: (clicks the button in the corner, drags the volume all the way down, then finally turns it up)
VS: (sigh of relief and sit back in chairs) THANK YOU!

In the van with my previous manager driving to the farmer's market:
Manager's phone goes off *call from (insert name)
Manager: (doesn't answer his phone, phone's ringtone continues to tell him who is calling)
Me: ...
Manager: (ringing stops) Oh! Did I just miss a call?
Me: ...yeah
Manager: Let's see who it was...
Me: (his ringtone just told him who it was...)
Manager: Uh, calls, missed calls. Oh! I have voice activation, (points for knowing the word)(talks into phone) MISSED CALLS!!!
Me: ...
Manager: MISSED CALLS!!! No! (gives up, does it by hand) Now, missed calls, there, oh she called! Contacts...contacts....Oops! Turned my phone off!
Me: (should I offer to help him? Is he watching the road? Am I going to die?)
Manager: Turn on... OK, now, contacts... call! (holds phone to ear, triumphant smile)
Me: ...


I just got back last night from the best trip ever. I was in Moab, Utah with the Wildlife and Range club and I am now somewhat depressed at the prospect of homework and apartment life. I WANT TO GO BACK TO MOAB!!!!! There are rocks and canyons there and even though its freaking cold, I would rather be out in nature right now. Instead I am here, on my laptop, and decided to relive my experience by writing about it.
We started out around 1 pm Friday afternoon, there were ten of us: Mikyn, John, Jay, Jordan, Tamara, Jocelyn, Amy, Robbie, Austin and Victoria (married) and a professor, Tom Smith. We drove in a big van for threeish hours until we ended up in a camping spot in a canyon. I was kind of surprised because we had an actual camping spot with a fire pit, a pavilion, and picnic tables instead of just setting up in the wilderness somewhere, but that was fine. On one side was the Colorado River and on the other was a canyon wall of red rock. We set up camp, had a dinner of tacos from a dutch oven, the temperature dropped significantly, and we started out on a night hike. We hiked up the rock to Corona Arch and we thought it would only be appropriate if we celebrated the arch with a little Corona beer. So needless to say this trip was a party. Well, anyway we hiked and it was awesome because we were following rock cairns and it wasn't just a trail, you could walk anywhere. We passed caves and had to hold on to steel cables at some points, it was awesome. Finally, the arch loomed ahead of us and we were able to scamper around the rocks, look at the crazy amount of stars, and just enjoy the experience. Luckily, I had some weed so we smoked that too. Did I mention we were all wearing headlamps?
That night, after the hike, we made a fire and roasted starbursts and listened to 6'7'' Robbie tell us jokes that he made up in his insanely deep voice. The funny thing was he would always start them "Speaking of rabbits, did you hear about the..." Which of course we hadn't because he made it up. Then we all retired to our beds where, I don't know about anyone else but, I froze my shorts off. I wasn't actually wearing shorts, I was wearing leggings, two pairs of socks, a shirt, my footy pajamas, and a fleece jacket, with a blanket and a sleeping bag. But I still froze. I got up as soon as it was light outside. Did I mention we had three dogs on this trip?
So after everyone was up and fed we headed into Long Canyon to look for big horned sheep. While looking we climbed around on the rocks and took in the majesty of the canyon. We finally did see some big horned sheep across the canyon. They looked like little white dots until we looked in binoculars and saw them for real. It was awesome. Then we discovered a thirty foot crack in a rock and John and Jay found a hole which we could crawl through to get into it. So some of us crawled through this insanely small hole and hung out in this crack until we climbed out of it. It was Emperor's New Groove-esque because we braced ourselves against the wall and pushed ourselves up.
After we played around for a while longer, we ate lunch and packed up camp. Before we headed home we wanted to find a place to repel. So John, being the expert climber in the group, found us a place where we could anchor and repel. The first repel was just down a ten foot drop so we could practice. The only problem was that there was a severe lip on the way down and it was hard to get passed it without hitting myself on the rock. So after being suspended in the air for a while I finally just lowered my my upper body below my feet until I could swing safely below the lip. It was intense. The second repel was more like 50 or 60 feet. Apparently I didn't do as well with that one because I just lowered myself down without pushing against the rock so much. But it was fun. Then we drove the three and a half hours back to Provo. All in all, an awesome trip. I want to go back. But alas here I am.

And just for everybody who may read this, Mom would like me to add that we didn't actually drink or do drugs on this trip. Those comments were for humor purposes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day of the DEAD - Nov 2nd Also known as Election Day

SOooooooooooo, I haven't written in a while. For some reason things that seemed fun to do over the summer no longer seem fun. Examples: blogging, reading, cooking, eating healthy food, going on random runs. Basically everything that is good, I dont want to do. Literally, I have read one book this semester for fun (or at all) compared to the twenty some books i read this summer. It was Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series, lets just say I was slightly disappointed in the ending. Its times like these when I realize that some of my favorite books are really poorly written. Example: The Hunger Games, Twilight. They are also the easiest to read.
But, really that's not the point of this post. I really just wanted to write and tell you all about my week. First of all... I TURNED @)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats i turned 20 in all capitals. My birthday was awesome. If you dont believe me look at my pictures on facebook. They tell all.
Some presents I got:
-what im guessing are bunny skin mittens. Really soft.
- Clothes, box of candy, money
- Sign that says "I Kiss Better Than I Cook" true. and Im a really good cook ;)
Among various other things. Thanks to all those who contributed. Birthdays are the best because everybody tells you how awesome you are and you finally realize how many people care. This information comes from reading my wall on facebook. All the posts really make me smile. Also I get a lot of texts which is great while my phone is being blown up and depressing the next day when i receive zero texts.
I got a couple surprise parties thrown for me. Some not so surprising but still appreciated. On monday night I walked into FHE to be greeted by a bunch of mexicans yelling "SURPRISE!!!" Horrifying. But not as horrifying as looking at the corner and realizing that Sloan and Julia were there. Really confusing. I felt really awkward, like everyone expected something from me. It didn't help that i am the mom of my FHE and am supposed to know what is up. Apparently we were not playing games that night. But it was a worthy endeavor by my small and perky sister in law.
Other things that happened to me this week:
1. I lost my job. The restaurant I workED at closed on saturday and I found out wednesday because none of the owners or managers thought it was necessary to tell any of the servers.
2. My computer charger broke. I am writing this from my roommate Brenna's laptop.
3. My voicemail stopped working on my phone.
4. I got a flat tire. No I dont have a spare.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Status Quo

This is my life since I came to Utah, brought to you in 1-2 sentence increments. As you will soon realize, my life sort of depressing... I am depressed after writing this post. Well, here it is:

Mikyn Rehder after waking up at 4 am, driving from 5 am to 1:30 am (due to car overheating, not starting for a half an hour every time i stopped for gas, and lack of acceleration) I AM OFFICIALLY IN UTAH

Mikyn Rehder just got up an hour earlier than was necessary thanks to a clock that was set wrong

Mikyn Rehder So alone and bored!! Chewing on a really stale red vine. (story of my life, I will soon be alone and fat)

Mikyn Rehder sloan and julia told me i could stay with them, but they didn't tell me they would keep me locked in my room... (do you see what I have to deal with?)

Mikyn Rehder IS AN EMPLOYEEEEEEEEE! and the girl from HUGE has the same last name as me (another indication that I will soon be fat, at a fat camp)

Mikyn Rehder walked past some old lady (professor?) who stroked my hair as i passed and said "Such beautiful hair! makes me want to touch!"

Mikyn Rehder the mexican cook at work has trouble saying my name so i told her its like mike 'n ikes. apparently she didnt understand because now shes calling me Candy

Mikyn Rehder YES BYU!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!! Sorry UW. GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aaaaaand that was the last time that happened)

Mikyn Rehder i worry about myself sometimes (like right now)

Mikyn Rehder is going to be all alone tonight. stupid roommates with boyfriends (in case you were wondering, I am still alone)

Mikyn Rehder ran into a guy that i went on a couple dates with last year, who is now engaged. if only i had held out a little longer that could have been me. only in utah... (still alone)

Mikyn Rehder reading is killing me, there are too many hormones in this apartment, and wheat bread is just not as good as white bread.

Mikyn Rehder made a stir fry then spilled it all over myself and the carpet. threw some of it away, put some of it back on my plate and ate it

Mikyn Rehder uuuum does the wilke really nead automatically flushing toilets AND automatic toilet paper dispensers? am I not capable of at least one of these actions?

Mikyn Rehder major karaokeage at Pirates Island turned out an awesome rendition of My Humps

Mikyn Rehder our roommates are hiking timp and bad things happen when me and emily are alone together

Mikyn Rehder just reread some of my blog posts... i am kind of weird (...)

Mikyn Rehder can't get enough of the triplets. She wishes she could just have them all, all the time (I did not write this one)

Mikyn Rehder i hate when i can hear people out having fun and im sitting on my couch reading "texts from last night" (seriously, this is getting embarrassing)

Mikyn Rehder well the shower is broken again, I seem to have the magic touch (yes, I broke it both times)

Mikyn Rehder got up at 6:30 to go clean up a wetland with REI, sat in some poop, pulled some cattails in my waders, got really dirty, took some free food, had the Best Time Ever!

Mikyn Rehder eating cereal and i think my milk went bad (it did)

Mikyn Rehder is at work and I am pretty sure that I can communicate with machines...

Mikyn Rehder Best Living with Plants class EVER! My tongue is now numb and I'm feelin good

Mikyn Rehder great day with the family. My niece kept putting a blanket over my head and telling me how great I looked

Mikyn Rehder saw a guy carrying his girlfriend bridal style across some wet grass while holding an umbrella... hes a keeper

Mikyn Rehder a half hour of studying, a half hour of facebook... the only way to make the library bearable

Mikyn Rehder I like it on the floor (the only highlight in my life heh heh)

Mikyn Rehder made oatmeal this morning, the oatmeal blew up out of the pan then the towel i tried to wipe it up with caught on fire, i just sat there staring at it burn until brenna yelled "Mikyn, put it in the sink!" then i put it in the sink

Mikyn Rehder this is unrelated to yesterdays incident, but i think i may have burned my fingerprint off

Mikyn Rehder was walking to my car after work when this deaf guy hands me a note that is asking for money so he can get home, i gave him a dollar then realized we were in the middle of Center street and it was not our turn to walk, so I ran and narrowly missed getting hit by a car (why do these things keep happening to me?)

In response to the last couple statuses I really am not retarded. It's just been a crazy week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Joys of Facebook Revealed

Girls night!
In this photo: Caroline M Whitmore (photos), Steph Whitmore (photos), Mikyn Rehder (photos | remove tag), Katie Bell (photos), Katie Bell, Emily Bell (photos)
Added March 14, 2009

Emily Bell: Oh my! we all look so young...

Mikyn Rehder: and ugly

Mary Bell: Crazy gorgeous! We are not even mentioning spiritual, talented, loyal...oh, and thrifty, brave, and reverent!

Emily Bell: I hate to admit it mum, but no one looks reverent in this picture, or crazy gorgeous, or... thrifty...

Mary Bell: Perhaps not here...but I know the bigger picture

Angie Whitmore: oh what cute wee girlies.

Mikyn Rehder: all i know is i look hideous. kind of like gollum but less cute.

Emily Bell: hmm, then I call the cave troll. I've got the same stupid expression on my face

Mikyn Rehder: true dat

Mary Bell: Angie and I see the inner beauty in all of you, even on the outside.

Caroline M Whitmore: well i just look bored which could never be true around you guys!

Mikyn Rehder: thats better than looking drugged

Caroline M Whitmore: but you're always drugged so what do you look like normally!

Mikyn Rehder: o har har

Emily Bell: Katie = witch king. :)

Caroline M Whitmore: Ha ha ha! so true:)

Caroline M Whitmore: Steph just looks really young!

Mikyn Rehder: AH NOOOO! THE HORRROR!!!! everytime i see this i die a little inside

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Happen

Something I've noticed:

EveryoneImeet: Hi
Mikyn: Hi
EveryoneImeet: I'm ________. What's your name?
Mikyn: My name is Mikyn
EveryoneImeet: Mike-yn? Wait, Mikyn? Wow, you don't hear that everyday. Thats a cool name.
Mikyn: Yep, its pretty weird, thanks.
EveryoneImeet: Yeah, cool. Just so you know you have awesome hair.
Mikyn: (nods) Yep, thanks.

Something I heard while sitting next to Julia/ skyping Alyshia:

Julia: (opens mouth wide so that alyshia can see insider her mouth. its her first skype session.)
Alyshia: Wow, nice anatomy Julia.
Julia: Can you see the hangy down thing?
Alyshia: What, your uvula?
Julia: (gets embarassed and looks around at other people in the apartment, who aren't paying attention) (whispers) No, Alyshia! Thats part of your...(even quieter) vagina.
Alyshia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You mean VULVA, Julia! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Uvula is in your mouth!
Julia: (really embarrassed now) Oh....
Alyshia, Sloan, and Mikyn: HAHAHAHAHAHA
Julia: Well, theres so many u's, v's, and a's!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Day of My Life: Part 1 Roses Really Smell Like Poo-Poo

SOOOOOOOO, I just had the best Saturday of my young life. Seriously, I feel awesome right now. I feel that I must share these experiences with you so you realize just exactly how awesome my life really is. I have divided the experience into two parts so that no one gets too bored with reading one super long post. Anyway, children, let me begin my tale.
I rose from bed bright and early yesterday morning. When I say early I mean 6:30 am. EARLY! I had to get up early because I was going to a service project with the Wildlife and Range Club and we were leaving at eight. So I got up early cause I wanted to shower, I ended up breaking the shower so that it wouldn't stop running, and was ready by 7. Suck.
All nine of us conservationists met at a building on campus and drove up to Draper, UT where REI was sponsoring the clean up of a wetland there. Yes, supposedly there are wetlands in Utah. Obviously, I wore my red and black checked lumberjack shirt for the occasion. We also stopped along the way for Krispy Kreme donuts, so you know the rest of the day is going to be good.
We get up to the service spot, park at a church, and divy up the waders. Yes, WADERS! For those of you who do not know what these are, they are boots connected to water proof material so that one can WADE in water and not get wet. Often used by fishermen. Mine were thigh high. We walked down a long trail, laughing and joking, to a couple of ponds where a bunch of people are clearing tree branches and litter. We got right to work. Most of us girls donned our waders and got down and dirty in the pond picking up trash. It was the funnest thing I've done in a long time. Cause I was walking through water and not getting wet! Some might call that a miracle. However, the pond smelled like poop and trash and was hard to walk in because there were so many logs and debris in it. At one point I was shimmying over this tree that I didn't want to go around because the water was too deep, I got over it and the girl behind me says, "Uh oh! I think you sat in some poop!" Perfect. The next few minutes consisted of me trying to see the poop and the girl saying "Ok, I'm going to touch your butt..." and trying to wipe it off for me. So the rest of the day I walked around with what I can only hope was duck poop on my butt. After awhile me and the other girl were charged with clearing out cattails so that water would flow more freely into the pond. When we first stepped into them there were hundreds of little tadpoles swimming everywhere. We tread carefully. Using clippers, we spent the next couple hours, cutting a clearing cattails and trash from the water, getting really dirty because the plants would flick smelly mud and water into our faces.
At around 11:30 we were told to stop and come have lunch. REI and some other place provided sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit, cliff bars, and fruit rolls for us to eat. It was the best meal I had had in a long time. Then after we had eaten they said "Hey, take some food!" That was a mistake on their part. They obviously did not realize they had a group of college kids amongst them. I ended up taking a bunch of bananas plus one, some muffins, two cliff bars, and a fruit roll before some lady was like "Save some food for everyone else." My fellow clubbers were similarly laden. Then as we were standing around talking, the president of the club said that Clint, a boy we know, was having a bonfire that night and was I doing anything? Then we all left and I thought about how fun that morning had been and how glad I am that I am in Wildlife Conservation.
Later I went to the football game, which I will not discuss except to say it was a shameful disgrace. Then me and Brenna and Kelly went to the Pizza Pie Cafe which was the perfect end to the perfect first part of my perfect day...sigh...
Dont you wish you were me?

Best Day of My Life: Part 2 Getting Down With My Rutts!

Ok, so I just had the best night of my life. It was so fun and awesome. So, I went to this bonfire with a boy from the wildlife and range club and his friend, who is a girl. The bonfire was down at Sandy Beach on Utah Lake. We drive down this long windy road to get there, and we try to park but there is a ledge that drops off into the lake. As this boy, John, tries to back up his front left wheel goes over the ledge! It was the craziest thing to be in a car that was teetering on the edge of a cliff! We were on the brink of death. But really it was like a five foot drop so he just pushed the car while the other girl, Shannon, reversed. I tried to help push but my efforts went unnoticed. I am weak.
So, we get the car out and walk down to the beach where there is a huge party going on. I felt a little self conscious but started talking to people anyway, then John tells me that this is not the right party. Oops. It's actually some wards party, but I made some new friends anyway. Then we decide to find the actual bonfire and walk down the beach. The beach is pretty dark and there is lots of debri so John, being the nature/prepared type, pulls out a HEADLAMP! It actually didn't help us much because when the person wearing the headlamp is walking fast than everyone else, its still hard to see. So, we finally arrive at the right fire and there are two guys and police car standing by it. One of the guys walks up to us, I didn't know him so I kept walking, but he stops me and draws us all close and murmurs, "There's a cop. Just keep it on the DL, don't make a big deal out of it." And this is where my life changed for the better.
The boy that invited us to the bonfire is also in the Wildlife Conservation major and was supposed to meet us there. However, because the three boys were shooting guns, they got the cops called on them and the boy who invited us, Clint, HAD A WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST!!! So, basically I'm thinking this night is getting off to a good start. Unfortunately, Clint only had an outstanding charge for a parking ticket and had to go get money to pay it. So the lady cop and her dog hung out with us for a while, flirted with Brant and vis versa, til Clint payed his fine, then left. Then more people showed up. Here are the introductions:
Brent: (I think this was his name)22 Tall lanky guy, wearing a plaid shirt, talks with a southern accent. Is from the white colonies in Mexico.
Scott: 22 Dark, good looking guy, with nice long curly hair. Is from the white colonies in Mexico, but is often mistaken for a mexican.
Clint: 25 Tall, white, wearing camo hat, is in two of my classes. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska but then moved to white colonies in Mexico. Has a girlfriend who was absent.
John: 24 Looks sort of like Aladdin. President of Wildlife and Range Club and invited me to go to bonfire. From Anchorage, Alaska.
Kemley: girl who looks like Lisa from The Wedding Singer and wears cowboy boots. not important
Dax: Kemleys lover
Jimmy (Patrick): 2- Army kid, blonde, has entourage of two heavy girls and one cute girl i think he likes. Funny. Southern Accent, from Missouri. Tried to ballroom dance with me.
Shannon: 22 has a cute voice. From Homer, Alaska. Knows Arn(d) and Kathy and Kids.
Me: 19 awesome.
All these people, or the guys at least, are nature, gun shootin, alaska/mexico hybrids, so you can see why I felt a kinship with them. And I get the feeling that I am in the movie Sweet Home Alabama on the beach partying with a bunch of hicks. And just to drive the point home, we were burning piling things from Walmart and every car there was a pickup truck. It was the best feeling ever. It was the sort of thing I don't usually do with the sort of people I don't usually hang out with. But at the same time, with my chosen field, these are the people I probably will be hanging out with.
So we sat around making s'mores and burning these pilings, with country music playing on a truck radio. For the record I still do not condone the use of country music. Don't really like it, never have, but it fit well with the atmosphere.
After awhile Brant and Clint decided the party really needed to get going, broke out a homemade cannon, packed it with gunpowder, and lit it off. Then, after jimmy, kemley and their posses left, Clint took out a pistol and we all took turns shooting it at pop cans!!! We were even supplied with earplugs! Brant piled about 5 pilings on the fire so we all had to stand about 15 feet from it or risk third degree burns. I shot the pistol a couple times, but never hit anything but sand. I couldn't even see where I was hitting. Keep in mind it was my first time. I was actually pretty scared because the gun would jump, so I would jump. Then I would get embarassed and look behind me because the guys would laugh. Apparently, Clint finds my gun shootin "adorable". Frankly, I felt I would strike fear into the heart of anyone who saw me with a gun. I'm pretty intimidating.
After that we went home, back to my boring life without po-po, fire, guns, cannons, or any action at all. I hope to hang out with those people again as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hare Krishna! (not really)

Yesterday me and the peeps went to the Indian temple down in Spanish fork for their annual Indian Festival. For any of you who knows what the festival of colors is, it was at the same place. We get there and there is a definite vibe of Woodstock. Everyone is sitting on a hill facing the stage where a woman is Odissi dancing. The general audience consists of Indian people in traditional garb, indie/ flower children, old people, normals, and a couple goth/punks. Mostly indie/flower children. Every time Ive hit up the Indian temple there is a loose, "spiritual" vibe floating around, kind of like you're on drugs and you really want to be Indian. Also, it feels like you are Princess Jasmine except Agraba has been moved and now sits amongst gorgeous mountains. The weirdest part is that the guy running the show is an old white guy who wears a white man sari.
So I as I'm sitting on the grass, vibing to the Indian music, and watching the dancing, I have what can only be explained as an intense spiritual experience brought on by all the intensely spiritual people around me. I feel something hit me in the back of the head. My first thought is that someone threw something at me or a plant was blown into me by the wind. I reach my hand back and grab whatever is caught in my hair. I bring it around and open my hand to find that the thing in my hand is not a plant, but a gigantic wasp. Now most of you who know me also know my intense fear of bees and wasps and being stung by them. However, this time I simply held the wasp in my hand and felt no fear. It sat there for a minute and then flew off. I took this awesome fear-defying experience as proof that I am doing the right thing by majoring in wildlife conservation. Whooooooooaaaaaaa!
I then went off to tour the temple and buy a scarf and those little things you put in the middle of your forehead from the gift shop. All in all, a pretty good day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ride

Weeeell, Ive made it to Utah! Yes, Ive been here for almost two days and I know you're all dieing to hear about how the trip went. Well, in the words of my good friend Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Bennett), "Are you sure you care to know? Prepare yourself for something very dreadful."
I started my trip by waking up at 4 am and catching the 5:20 ferry. Once off the ferry I had a little trouble finding the highway but it only took two tries. Thanks to my newly downloaded music and book on tape the first several hours went pretty fast. The first hitch in my trip came when I missed my first exit. I had to turn around and it only took about ten minutes to get back on track.
My car kept overheating and so I had to keep my heat on almost the ENTIRE trip in like 90 - 100 degree weather. My feet were pretty hot.
But I dont want to bore you with all the gory details... Like my pounding headache and lack of desire to eat because of the heat. I was pretty miserable.
The exciting parts came at the gas stations. Every time I stopped for gas my car wouldn't start again for at least a half hour.

#1: Ellensburg - not important
#2: Somewhere right after I entered Oregon. I get to a gas station, in Oregon people pump your gas for you. So I got my gas pumped by a cute guy, my car wouldn't start, so I got to spend my time waiting talking to cute guy. Not so bad.
#3: Somewhere else in Oregon. Like Old Grand or something. Another young guy, this one short and not so cute but really nice. I got some more water for my headache. Then my car started I get out onto the road and my breaks started freaking out. I almost died.
#4: Idaho. A really small hick, podunk town called Greyson's Ferry or something like that. First, there was no ferry, we were in Idaho for crying out loud. Second, I couldn't get the gas pump to work. By this time I was super dizzy, suffering heat stroke, and talking to dad on the phone, trying to pump my gas. I sat in the gas station and asked dad how much longer I had. It was about 7:30 pm and dad tells me I still have about 5 hours. Thats when I suffered a mental breakdown. I also contemplated suicide.
#6: Snowville, Utah. Lots of nice cowboys asking me if I need help. Also I picked up a couple hitchhikers. Those moths kept me company the rest of the way.
I got to Orem at about 1:30 in the morning. I made it.

Sorry this post wasn't as witty as usual but Im kind of tired and can't be bothered.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Some of you may be wondering why I changed my blog around. Well, what used to be known as Wild Life Conservation is now known as THIS IS MY LIFE! for a couple reasons.
1. The former title didn't take much thought, I just sort of wrote it in the hopes that it would be considered as some sort of pun.
2. THIS IS MY LIFE! has become a motto of sorts for me this summer. Something I would scream when mom or Regen made me mad.
3. Change is good.
Now you know so stop freaking out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sometimes I Worry

Sitting in the living room with Dad (Ed Rehder III) and Regen (who is dead to me). Dad always talks about and look at old cars. He likes to pretend that one day he will own such a car. Like an El Camino or, in this case, a 69 Charger. He was looking at chargers on my computer and...

Mikyn: this is the wrong type of car to be looking at


Mikyn: you should be looking at a jeep...for me

Dad: (sarcastic laugh) HA HA HA THAT is one of the sexiest cars ever made.

Mikyn: What...are you trying to pick up chicks?

Dad: No... not anymore.

Mikyn: Then why are you trying to be sexy?

Regen: (butting in as usual) THE CAR IS SEXY! (why does she always have to yell? She is really very angry)

Dad: mumbled agreement with regen

Mikyn: So... what are you attracted to cars?

Dad: Yeah. Some of them.

Mikyn: This explains a lot.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Banana

Well! I know what you're thinking - it sure has been a while since Mikyn's last post. That is because I have been doing nothing but working and not much else. I also don't really have a topic for this post. However...

Now that I think about it, the other day I came home from babysitting and called around to see if anyone was home. No answer came. Now, normal people might take this silence as a sign that no one was home. I on the other hand, through many careful deductions, deduced that mom was upstairs on the phone. She was the only one accounted for.

Then I decided to use the bathroom. After taking care of business I sat in the bathroom and started to make extremely loud grunting noises... I know. But I was thinking about how funny it would be if there were someone to hear me making these noises and assume the obvious. So I kept making them. Once I had sufficiently proved my point I left the bathroom and went to use my dad's phone because mom was still on our home phone. I walked into his office and was surprised to find that dad was in there. Halfway out of his chair, with a worried look on his face. Did I mention his office is right next to the bathroom?

Dad: "Why were you making those noises?"

Me: "Heh heh, um I don't know..."

Dad: "Uh-huh. Does this have anything to do with you watching your butt jiggle...?"

Me: (backing out of office) "Dad, sometimes I just do things, I don't know why I do them, I just do."

Dad: "Yeah."

Me: "I thought it would be funny if someone heard me!"

Well someone had. Personally, I feel sorry for dad, who witnesses my strange antics on a regular basis while everyone else seems to miss them.

On a different note, I was watching a nature show on gorillas, and they captured the rarely sighted mating experience. Basically, these gorillas were having sex and it looked a heck of a lot like humans having sex. I wasn't sure what to do at this point because as the sightings are "rare" I thought I should watch it, but as it was rather human-like I felt like I was watching Gorilla Porn.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some people wish their life was like a movie. Sometimes I am one of those people. Well today a series of events occured that, in retrospect, seemed a lot like a movie. I have decided to name the screenplay "Tink" in honor of a very important character: Tink. Enjoy.

Foreshadowing: Mikyn gets up in the morning and puts on her WWF shirt.

Scene: Mikyn drives her hot, red camaro down the road. She listens to the radio and hangs her arm out the window as the wind blows her voluminous locks around her face. Suddenly, shock registers on her face. (shot of Mikyn's shocked expression) She sees a sparrow sitting in the road which does not fly away as she passes. (shot of the bird in the road)

Mikyn: GASP!

Making a snap decision Mikyn pulls onto the side of the road. Hurrying she fumbles with her seatbelt and jumps out of the car. She crosses the street and runs down to where the bird still sits. She walks into the road without looking and almost gets hit by a car. She makes sure the cars go around the bird then scoops it into her hands and runs back to her car which is blocking another car from going down a road.

Once in the car she needs to make another decision. The bird is obviously hurt. One of its legs is curled and unmoving and the bird convulses as if it is trying to chirp but can't. Mikyn decides to take it home, which is close. Holding it in one hand she drives with total disregard for her own safety (she isn't wearing a seatbelt). Mikyn makes it home, the bird flaps its wings but doesn't have the strength to retract them.

Mikyn gets out of the car and realizes something is seriously wrong. The bird is struggling. Then suddenly it starts regurgitating some sort of orange liquid all over Mikyn's hands!

Mikyn: Ah!!!! What's wrong? Are you Okay?

The little bird starts to weaken Mikyn drops to her knees in the dirt, trying to help it but not knowing how! The birds head starts to roll.

Mikyn: Bird? No! Stay with me! Come on! Don't die!!

Mikyn holds the bird in her cupped hands as its eyes close. Its convulsions grow stronger then fade. Its head rolls back a final time. The bird is still.

Mikyn realizes that the bird just died in her hands.

Mikyn: Birdy? NO! Nooooo!(cue song: Died In Your Arms Tonight)

Mikyn sits in dazed silence.

Mikyn puts the bird in a bucket but needs a place to hide it from Artie the cat. Ah! She sees a good place, walks over to Regen's car and sticks the bucket inside. Then she drives to the dentist, where she was going in the first place.

Scene: Mikyn and Kenley walk in a meadow. Mikyn carrying a red bucket, a shove, and a camera. Kenley carries nothing. They find a good place, Mikyn digs a hole, they take some pictures.

Mikyn: Kenley, what should we name the bird?

Kenley: Why does he need a name?

Mikyn: Because he should have a name.

Kenley: MMMM....(she thinks)How about...Tinkerbell?

Mikyn: Um, it might be a boy, how about Tink?

Kenley: Ok, Tink.

Then they lay the bird in the hole and bury it. Kenley puts some flowers on the grave, Mikyn puts some flowers on the grave.

Mikyn: Ok, now say "Goodbye Tink, it was nice knowing you."

Kenley: Goodbye Tink, I didn't know you.

Mikyn lets it slide. They walk away. Mikyn carries a shovel and a camera. Kenley carries a red bucket. (slow zoom in on flower covered grave).
Roll End Credits

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is Brisen.
As you can see, Brisen is pretty Hip!
And if we go

We see Brisen Smiling!!!!!
She likes to laugh in her sleep, apparently her dreams are pretty funny.

I've heard babies this young remember their birth and dream about it. I wonder what she saw that was so funny..?

A Little Perspective

This is Jackson. He is the youngest kid I nanny.
Some things about Jackson:
-He just turned 2
-He really likes to smile big (see below) and laugh
-He can't leave a door partially closed
-He has a weird looking stuffed animal he loves. He rubs the tag on the stuffed animal in his nose with his finger.

This is Jasmine. Jackson's older sister, who I also nanny.
Some things about Jasmine:
-She is 6
-She really likes her DS (see picture)
-She likes Pokemon and has the game for her DS.
-She likes to get her own food from the kitchen which I don't let her do.

This is Alex, another of the kids I nanny. She is standing next to a fort I built for her. See, I do actually do things for the kids I nanny for. WE INTERACT!!
Some things about Alex:
-She cries a lot
-She scares easily (ie- closed doors, bugs, hummingbirds...)
-She is going to marry Edward Cullen and would like me to tell everyone I meet to stay away from him! She also kind of looks like a vampire because she is missing her two front teeth.
-She tells jokes about blood and death
-She is 5

This is Alex at Fay Bainbridge

This is Mt. Rainier

Now you know who I'm talking about

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mac 'n Please STOP!

Hi-dee-ho neighbor!!!! It sure has been an exciting week in Mikynville. First, as many of you know, a new baby was born in the Knoebel family/ Rehder household. Brisen Lea Knoebel, yep thats her name. I was present for the birth and let me tell you, it's disgusting. And yes I know that its also beautiful and what not. But seriously its gross. I was standing by Regen's head but I could still see most of it. The baby looked like it was dead until it came all the way out. Like a mandrake from Harry Potter. It was really strange, cause the baby's face was all wrinkled but not moving, like it was an empty sack of baby. Thankfully it came to life. However, the worst part was the epideral because it looked like it really sucked and while Regen was getting it and all I could think of was that that would be me someday and I REALLY don't want to get an epideral, but I REALLY dont want to feel my pelvis breaking in two. Its a dilemma.

The other thing is that its really sunny out and I have a cold.

The other, other thing is that I have eaten more macaroni and cheese, since I became a nanny, than I ever dreamed I would. First of all, why do you need 4 tablespoons of butter?! Why does it need butter in the first place? Second, macaroni with 2% milk and margarine is not the same as macaroni with whole milk and butter. I think you know which one I like. And last, you know how kids like to stick the macaroni on the fork prongs with their fingers? well its gross! I know I used to do the same thing, it was fun. But WATCHING kids do it is really disgusting because their hands get all cheesy and the macaroni gets touched a lot before they eat it. So I sit there saying, "Just eat your macaroni!" and they still do it. So I say, "Just eat your macaroni!" so instead they decide to put the fork in their mouth sideways and lick the macaroni off with their tongues and then the macaroni falls on the ground. Why are kids like this?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Knoebel!!!

Baby Knoebel: Born at 7:14 am on July 11 2010 after a long 24 hours in the hospital. She is 7 lbs 15 ounces and is pretty cute. There is no agreement on a name yet, Regen has to take a nap before she can think about it.

This was the first live birth I've ever seen and let me tell you, I may never have a child. Not really. But I'm pretty freaked out!

Ok, so she's kind of weird looking right now, but she will get better looking I promise.

Anyway I thought I'd post some pics of my new niece! and maybe a video or two.

Final Jog

So its 6:18 am. Regen has been here for almost 24 hours. We've been here almost 22. Still no baby. However the water is broken! Dilated to a 6!!!!! Come on Regen!!!! Please Please Please!!!!!! I have discovered that having a baby is not fun. There seems to be a lot of discomfort and pain and even the medicine hurts (I will touch on this at a later date). Feeling pressure... Gotta Go!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Videos!!! or they would be if there was a baby

The Baby is Lower!!!! Regen is dilated to about 3-4 centimeters and its been so long we're all pretty bored. I started laughing hysterically at one point. Epideral sooooooon.

Regen's Fetus and Hospital Food

Well! Here we are at the hospital, finally. After two grueling months, I never have to listen to Regen complain AGAIN!!!! Also it has been almost 5 hours since Regen and Matt arrived at the hospital and they just gave her the drugs to induce her. I myself have a cold, even though its been about 90 degrees outside, and am sort of miserable, sitting on the couch in the hospital room living in fear that the spider behind it will crawl out and get me.

We are watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I am wondering when this baby is going to come out of Regen's chamber of secrets????? Still no decision on a name.

Regen is only allowed to have orange jell-o and popsicles, which I think is funny because she is really hungry and doesn't like the jell-o. Now Matt is trying to read my blog while pretending to look at the hospital menu.


Regen: "Breakfast ended at eleven."


Regen: "Shut up."

Matt: "Bacon Cheeseburger! Chicken Strips!"

Regen: "That doesn't sound good."

Matt: "I dont know that I've ever had this lean cod that everyone keeps talking about." (what? Is this a restaraunt? Is Matt here enough to have had the opportunity to try the Lean Cod?)

The nurse says that if "daddy" eats in front of "mommy" daddy is going to be in trouble. Regen says all three of will be. Also, its been so long that Matt misses Kenley. I think we've all lost track of time and space. I know Mom has. It happens to her easily.

More updates later...?

Im going to Dairy Queen

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

THE WORLD HAS ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP! HELP!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALEX FELL OFF THE SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is five, she fell off of the swing, "hurt" her elbow, cried until I yelled out the window, "ARE YOU OK?", apparently not. She came inside, I hugged her, she continued crying, then I suggested that she take a nap now to rest her elbow...

Suddenly her elbow doesn't hurt so much anymore.

Aaaaaand we're back outside.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retard: Kristen Stewart

As many of you know, it's Twilight Season again and that means the appearance of one much hated actress. Namely, Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight movie saga has been a sad disappointment for me, an avid reader/lover of the books. The emo music and angsty acting leaves the audience wondering, what am I watching again? Seriously though. And then there is Kristen Stewart, the girl who butchers the movie and her part as Bella Swan. First of all, why can't she finish a sentence? Does she have a nervous tick? The entire first movie consists of her stuttering her way through the lines. It's so annoying. Also Bella is supposed to be sort of goofy and, like other human beings, she shows emotion. Not so with Kristen Stewart. She has one emotion, dead. Ok, maybe there are two emotions, dead and... is awkward an emotion?

Now, if these were her only offenses I could let her slide as a bad actress. Cause she is. But last night I was at Alyshia's house watching the MTV Movie Awards and thats where I really blew up. Since its MTV the voting is mostly dictated by little teeny-boppers and should be watched with caution. Every award that Twilight could possibly have won, was awarded to Twilight and its stars. Including Best Female Performance (nominees: Blue Girl from Avatar, Sandra Bullock (winner of the generation award) from Blind Side, Retard K.S., Girl from Dear John, etc.) which went to Kristen Stewart (sorry just threw up in my mouth a little bit) Every time she was up on stage she acted really awkward, making lots of strange hand gestures, and she looked like she was going to fly away cause her ears are so big. Just watch it, you will understand.

Ok, I've probably ranted for long enough. I could say more, but this is a really long and negative blog post. I just really needed to get that out there. ok, whew. I hate Kristen Stewart. Ok, now I'm done.

watch best kiss award and best female performance.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poky 5

I'm BACK! At work, I mean. Which means I'm back to writing blogs while waiting for my ward to arrive. I also enjoy taking this time to catch up on the blogs I'm following. So please write more.

Anyhoo, I was just reading my friends blog about how she is getting married. For any of you who know Jenny Black, it was her blog. So I'm done with the first one and I was to see the ones I hadn't read yet so I clicked on Next Blog. This one is topped with a picture of a couple holding a 2010 sign and it reads "The Dashmmore Family" or something like that. Unlucky for me I didn't take the hint and continued to read, imagining the blog from Jenny's perspective. So I continue to scroll down taking in a story written in pictures about a man and his neighbor friend running the Pocahontos 5K. Not until I am nearly done with the blog post do I realize that the narrator is calling this man "babe". Now, this guy is not Jenny's fiance, so I get a little suspicious. I scroll back up to the top and finally realize that there is a different family in the picture (duh), and I have just spent ten minutes looking at some random people's pictures of a 5k. I feel, not only stupid, but as if I've just intruded into someone else's life. yeck.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


You know when someone is watching you do something that, by yourself wouldn't be embarassing, but because someone witnessed you doing it it was?

Well today I was laying on my stomach on our couch reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It's a good book, dont judge me. Well I've been feeling pretty fat lately and I noticed that when I moved my butt would jiggle. yes.

Anyway, I started pushing my feet against the arm of the couch really fast. This action made my butt jiggle and I silently gauged how much it was jiggling and whether or not this was worrisome. Then I decided to look and see if I could see it jiggling. So I was laying there pushing, jiggling, looking, stopping to see if the jiggling lingered after my feet stopped moving, pushing, jiggling, looking again. Then I glanced up at the TV and to my horror realized that dad, with a look of skepticism on his face, was staring at me. Watching me make my butt jiggle.

If the confusion in his eyes wasn't enough, just before I laughed myself to tears from shear embarassment he says...

"If you're going to perform these little experiments, you should do them in private."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I think something is seriously wrong with me. Seriously.

Last night I had another dream. This isn't surprising since I dream every night. But this was crazy. Again.

So there I was, downtown Bainbridge Island. At night. This was a dream so nothing was quite the same as in real life. I was with my mom and some friends. Some weird stuff happened that I can't really remember. Then my dream turned into a movie. Again. This one known as, The Fourth Kind. In real life this movie is about alien encounters. In my dream it was something much different.

Soon I was at my friend's house. There were a lot of people there. My friend Katie Bell was there. I felt safe in the present company. That is until I learned what Katie was. A monster. A monster who wanted to eat my Ovaries!!!!!!

Thats right. The world was being taken over by ovary eating people. Sort of like in I Am Legend, it was a virus. Suddenly everyone was turning into these sort of monsters. I had to run. So I did. I ran through my neighborhood and into some other neighborhoods where the ovary snatchers wouldn't look. These streets were stacked on one another, sort of tiered. And the houses were all big and old fashioned. I ran (and climbed) until I came to what seemed to be a good hiding place. A large old house at the very end of a street. I stood panting for a moment, wondering how to enter, when a man, a woman, and a child, and maybe an animal, came up behind me. They weren't interested in me just the house. They knocked and were allowed in, so I followed. We all lived there together for awhile and I felt safe that the monsters wouldn't get me. Then one day as I walked through the house I came upon the child, or the pet, and it tried to take a bite out of me!! I was appalled and when I told the Lady I learned, through a series of events, that SHE WAS AN OVARY EATER!!!!!! I WAS TRAPPED!!! I ran...

That's all I remember. I'm not safe.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ode to the Stick Shift

So, Ive been learning how to drive a stick because the people I nanny for have one and I need to drive it around. Today was the first time I drove their jeep cherokee, which is even more of a reason to drive it, and needless to say I was terrified. The worst part was starting from stand still. Its nearly impossible in that car. So as I drove around and around practicing for when I had to pick the kids up I was subjected to all manner of barbaric behavior.

For instance, as I tried to pull from a stop sign, the car jerking merrily back and forth, the child in the backseat screaming, some guy drives by and makes a face at me!! Im sure he went through the same experience at one point. Truthfully I'm not one hundred percent sure he wasn't making a face because of some sort of "I know how you feel" moment. Most likely he was just making fun of me. (Literally, this picture is the face he made, I realize there is a big logo in the middle. Its the best I could do.) I suffered many stares today but also many patient drivers who were kind enough to just pass me without a second glance.

The trama over, I am now sitting here comforting myself with pounds of Bliss Chocolates. Hey I NEED them!!

I Couldn't Even Find An Animal For This

So yesterday I was playing a game with Regen. I'm not saying that it was the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Game, but it could have been. Then Kenley decided to come downstairs and wanted to play. Obviously she couldnt since she has never read the book, among various other reasons... Then she wanted a cheese sandwich and since Regen was losing to me miserably I told her that we could put the game on pause and she could make Kenley a cheese sandwich or as normal people know them, grilled cheese.

I would like to take this time to reflect that I will be taking my Lord of the Rings movie Trivia game with me to college this fall.

I would also like to take this time to reflect that I just received $400 in cash from my boss. AH. Life is good.

Anyway, while Regen was making the sandwich I was licking a spoonful of peanut butter. I found this new method of licking with my lips instead of my tongue. I showed Regen and asked if she'd ever seen that before. The verdict:

Regen licks Matt's body with her lips.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Howler Monkey

Ive been noticing that children scream and cry quite a bit. Its not that BIG of a revelation but it does grate on ones nerves. Obviously I expected to deal with screaming children but I can't help wondering why they dont seem to understand me when I tell them to stop crying. Its not like I'm speaking another language!
For instance, the other day I noticed that Alex's hair was so full of knots and tangles that it was literally plastered to her head. I also suspect a certain degtree of hairspray added to the damage. So I took it upon myself to comb through the knots because she has gorgeous long red hair underneath the rats nest. This was no easy task and I sat there for two and a half hours, barely able to touch her head because she was screaming and crying, but also trying to untable her hair. I tried to distract her by the TV, which sometimes worked, but if she ever came to her senses the water works started up again. At the end of the two and a half hours I had only gotten a small portion of her hair undone.
Now I am watching Jackson, who is one, and obviously needs constant attention. He is currently running a car up and down my leg, which actually feels kind of good. But if he doesn't get his way...he starts to moan and cry, usually while writhing on the floor. If I carry him into a room to play he goes limp in my arms and melts to the floor like jell-o and has a fit. I cant tell him to stop because he speaks his own language.
Do not worry about me. I knew what I was getting into when I started nannying. But I am learning many new things. Like, it is pretty much impossible to guide an one year old to a hidden ball hidden behind a chair by pointing and saying "Behind you Jackson!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dream Dogs and Spiders

Dogs. Scary, gross, rubber-skinned, HUGE DOGS!!!! Thats what I dreamed about last night.

For those of you who have seen Avatar imagine those strange wild dogs the guy fights at the beginning of the movie and then imagine them the size of great danes.

Then imagine that your so-called "friend" Alyshia wants to watch the movie "Spliced". You agree because, heck, its a dream and thats what you do. So you start to watch the movie. The scientists are making some sort of alien hybrid or whatever happens, but the experiment goes wrong. So very wrong. The evil creatures that we see in the real movie are not the same in the dream movie. Instead they turn into these grotesque dogs that go around and kill everything that they see. Then the movie comes to life and suddenly there are killer dogs everywhere!!! There you are watching the television when suddenly the room has three killer dogs in it! One attacks Alyshia and the other two sink their teeth into your neck and shoulders. You are screaming but the dogs dont go for the kill they just hold you in their grip which is tingling unpleasantly. And you scream at Alyshia (who doesn't seem that worried) to pause the stupid movie!!! She does, the dogs freeze, and you throw them off. But no you're not safe because MORE dogs that aren't frozen enter the room. You run. Down the stairs, out of the house, Alyshia tells you something important that you can't remember. You run for your red camaro while the yard is swarming with huge zombie dogs. You open the door and a dog jumps in ahead of you. Somehow you get it out. The lady who owns the house comes home and you want to warn her but are too interested in saving yourself. The dogs try to fence in your car but you speed right through them.
This whole time you are also freaking out because everything you see is rated R, like the movie.
You drive until you come to water and some docks. Alyshia is there. You both get in a boat and onto the water where the dogs can't get you. You speed across the water. (meanwhile the scientists who created the dogs are dieing in explosions) Then suddenly an enormous ghost/dog/skeleton/zombie comes out of the water and chases you. THEN DOGS ARE JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER!!!!! You are really terrified now. The boat lands and you and Alyshia run into a building which turns out to be a huge secret Netflix headquarters. You sneak past the the guards and employees and lie to the the bosses. Why? BECAUSE ALYSHIA WANTS TO RENT SPLICED!!!! And its no surprise that they dont want you to. Then it gets hazy but you vaguely remember death, murder, and complete world annihilation. All because some dumb scientists wanted to get creative.

This dream was terrifying. The worst part is I kept waking up to get rid of the nightmare, but when I fell asleep again it was still there!!! Upon much reflection I have decided that the dream had a moral after all. Alyshia is a satanist.

This dream was preceded and followed by a one about missing the first day of class because I couldn't find my schedule and one about spiders which is Regens fault because she told me that my blanket may have a spider on it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Alex and I went for a walk in the Grand Forest today. It was muddy and cold but still a lot of fun. We saw an owl on the way which was one of the coolest things that I've ever seen. It's not everyday that I get to see an owl in the wild. Alex wasn't very interested however and kept walking after a minute.

Ive been thinking about how nannying is NOTHING like being a mom. First of all, I'm pretty sure that moms dont constantly watch play with their kids like babysitters are supposed to do. When I say I'm "pretty sure" I mean that Ive spent a great deal of time with Regen and Kenley and know that thats not how it happens.

Second, Moms love their kids more than nannies do. I mean I like the kids I nanny for but I definitely dont love them enough to find all their annoying habits endearing.

Third, Moms do whatever they want. If a mom wants to tell her kids to go watch a movie or play by themselves so that the mom can have some time alone lest they rip the kids' heads off, its fine! But if a nanny sits a kid down in front of the TV too often its considered neglect and blatantly frowned upon by the evil mom society. For instance, the other day Alex wanted to take a nap (best day of my life)so I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to...TAKE A NAP!!!!! Ha Ha HA! The only problem was that the mom of the other two kids was hanging around working. So as I tried to drift off I was on constant alert for the sound of feet coming up the stairs at which point I was prepared to grab my book from the ground and act like I was simply enjoying a relaxing read, while still watching over Alex. I should not have to endure this kind of guilt for taking a NAP!!! Especially when I know that only a couple miles away Kenley is cozy in her bed and SO IS HER MOM!!!


Soooooo...Here I am!!! Embarking on my first blog experience. I decided to start a blog because I am nannying this summer and it will give me something to do. Something other than reading, sleeping, or actually interacting with the kids. Im starting this blog sitting in a house, at a table, with a blanket wrapped around me and it gives me the feeling that I should complete the senario with a mug of coffee from which to sip. But I dont think I will.
I watch three little kids. Jackson, 1, Jasmine, 6, and Alex, 5. Alex comes to Jackson and Jasmine's house and I watch her while those two are at school/interactive day care. Alex is supposed to arrive at 9:30 everyday when her mom goes to work. Well this simple situation has become somewhat of a guess and check because she keeps coming at different times! For instance yesterday, I arrived at a punctual 9:25 so that I might be here when Alex came. However, when I drove up her and her mom were already waiting for me outside! That made me feel a little bit like a bad nanny. So today I decided to leave my house at nine, so that I would definitely get here before them. And I did. In fact, I waited and waited for them without any results. The worst part is that I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.
This is where the craziness starts. You see, I have a giant fear of public restrooms. I just think that certain business should be taken care of in the privacy of a single, in-home bathroom where nobody can listen in or make you feel rushed by waiting in line. In fact when I first got to my dorm at BYU I would sometimes wait and set my alarm for 3:00 in the morning so that I could "go" in peace. So this is the kind of problem I faced while waiting for Alex this morning. I couldn't "go" for fear that her and her mom would drive up and start shouting for me while I was indisposed. Some things cant be rushed!!! So an ordeal that would have taken a couple seconds was put off minute after minute while I waited. I had to start walking around and even vacuumed the floor! Finally, twenty minutes later here she is and I am done waiting.