Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some people wish their life was like a movie. Sometimes I am one of those people. Well today a series of events occured that, in retrospect, seemed a lot like a movie. I have decided to name the screenplay "Tink" in honor of a very important character: Tink. Enjoy.

Foreshadowing: Mikyn gets up in the morning and puts on her WWF shirt.

Scene: Mikyn drives her hot, red camaro down the road. She listens to the radio and hangs her arm out the window as the wind blows her voluminous locks around her face. Suddenly, shock registers on her face. (shot of Mikyn's shocked expression) She sees a sparrow sitting in the road which does not fly away as she passes. (shot of the bird in the road)

Mikyn: GASP!

Making a snap decision Mikyn pulls onto the side of the road. Hurrying she fumbles with her seatbelt and jumps out of the car. She crosses the street and runs down to where the bird still sits. She walks into the road without looking and almost gets hit by a car. She makes sure the cars go around the bird then scoops it into her hands and runs back to her car which is blocking another car from going down a road.

Once in the car she needs to make another decision. The bird is obviously hurt. One of its legs is curled and unmoving and the bird convulses as if it is trying to chirp but can't. Mikyn decides to take it home, which is close. Holding it in one hand she drives with total disregard for her own safety (she isn't wearing a seatbelt). Mikyn makes it home, the bird flaps its wings but doesn't have the strength to retract them.

Mikyn gets out of the car and realizes something is seriously wrong. The bird is struggling. Then suddenly it starts regurgitating some sort of orange liquid all over Mikyn's hands!

Mikyn: Ah!!!! What's wrong? Are you Okay?

The little bird starts to weaken Mikyn drops to her knees in the dirt, trying to help it but not knowing how! The birds head starts to roll.

Mikyn: Bird? No! Stay with me! Come on! Don't die!!

Mikyn holds the bird in her cupped hands as its eyes close. Its convulsions grow stronger then fade. Its head rolls back a final time. The bird is still.

Mikyn realizes that the bird just died in her hands.

Mikyn: Birdy? NO! Nooooo!(cue song: Died In Your Arms Tonight)

Mikyn sits in dazed silence.

Mikyn puts the bird in a bucket but needs a place to hide it from Artie the cat. Ah! She sees a good place, walks over to Regen's car and sticks the bucket inside. Then she drives to the dentist, where she was going in the first place.

Scene: Mikyn and Kenley walk in a meadow. Mikyn carrying a red bucket, a shove, and a camera. Kenley carries nothing. They find a good place, Mikyn digs a hole, they take some pictures.

Mikyn: Kenley, what should we name the bird?

Kenley: Why does he need a name?

Mikyn: Because he should have a name.

Kenley: MMMM....(she thinks)How about...Tinkerbell?

Mikyn: Um, it might be a boy, how about Tink?

Kenley: Ok, Tink.

Then they lay the bird in the hole and bury it. Kenley puts some flowers on the grave, Mikyn puts some flowers on the grave.

Mikyn: Ok, now say "Goodbye Tink, it was nice knowing you."

Kenley: Goodbye Tink, I didn't know you.

Mikyn lets it slide. They walk away. Mikyn carries a shovel and a camera. Kenley carries a red bucket. (slow zoom in on flower covered grave).
Roll End Credits

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