Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Joys of Facebook Revealed

Girls night!
In this photo: Caroline M Whitmore (photos), Steph Whitmore (photos), Mikyn Rehder (photos | remove tag), Katie Bell (photos), Katie Bell, Emily Bell (photos)
Added March 14, 2009

Emily Bell: Oh my! we all look so young...

Mikyn Rehder: and ugly

Mary Bell: Crazy gorgeous! We are not even mentioning spiritual, talented, loyal...oh, and thrifty, brave, and reverent!

Emily Bell: I hate to admit it mum, but no one looks reverent in this picture, or crazy gorgeous, or... thrifty...

Mary Bell: Perhaps not here...but I know the bigger picture

Angie Whitmore: oh what cute wee girlies.

Mikyn Rehder: all i know is i look hideous. kind of like gollum but less cute.

Emily Bell: hmm, then I call the cave troll. I've got the same stupid expression on my face

Mikyn Rehder: true dat

Mary Bell: Angie and I see the inner beauty in all of you, even on the outside.

Caroline M Whitmore: well i just look bored which could never be true around you guys!

Mikyn Rehder: thats better than looking drugged

Caroline M Whitmore: but you're always drugged so what do you look like normally!

Mikyn Rehder: o har har

Emily Bell: Katie = witch king. :)

Caroline M Whitmore: Ha ha ha! so true:)

Caroline M Whitmore: Steph just looks really young!

Mikyn Rehder: AH NOOOO! THE HORRROR!!!! everytime i see this i die a little inside

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Happen

Something I've noticed:

EveryoneImeet: Hi
Mikyn: Hi
EveryoneImeet: I'm ________. What's your name?
Mikyn: My name is Mikyn
EveryoneImeet: Mike-yn? Wait, Mikyn? Wow, you don't hear that everyday. Thats a cool name.
Mikyn: Yep, its pretty weird, thanks.
EveryoneImeet: Yeah, cool. Just so you know you have awesome hair.
Mikyn: (nods) Yep, thanks.

Something I heard while sitting next to Julia/ skyping Alyshia:

Julia: (opens mouth wide so that alyshia can see insider her mouth. its her first skype session.)
Alyshia: Wow, nice anatomy Julia.
Julia: Can you see the hangy down thing?
Alyshia: What, your uvula?
Julia: (gets embarassed and looks around at other people in the apartment, who aren't paying attention) (whispers) No, Alyshia! Thats part of your...(even quieter) vagina.
Alyshia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You mean VULVA, Julia! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Uvula is in your mouth!
Julia: (really embarrassed now) Oh....
Alyshia, Sloan, and Mikyn: HAHAHAHAHAHA
Julia: Well, theres so many u's, v's, and a's!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Day of My Life: Part 1 Roses Really Smell Like Poo-Poo

SOOOOOOOO, I just had the best Saturday of my young life. Seriously, I feel awesome right now. I feel that I must share these experiences with you so you realize just exactly how awesome my life really is. I have divided the experience into two parts so that no one gets too bored with reading one super long post. Anyway, children, let me begin my tale.
I rose from bed bright and early yesterday morning. When I say early I mean 6:30 am. EARLY! I had to get up early because I was going to a service project with the Wildlife and Range Club and we were leaving at eight. So I got up early cause I wanted to shower, I ended up breaking the shower so that it wouldn't stop running, and was ready by 7. Suck.
All nine of us conservationists met at a building on campus and drove up to Draper, UT where REI was sponsoring the clean up of a wetland there. Yes, supposedly there are wetlands in Utah. Obviously, I wore my red and black checked lumberjack shirt for the occasion. We also stopped along the way for Krispy Kreme donuts, so you know the rest of the day is going to be good.
We get up to the service spot, park at a church, and divy up the waders. Yes, WADERS! For those of you who do not know what these are, they are boots connected to water proof material so that one can WADE in water and not get wet. Often used by fishermen. Mine were thigh high. We walked down a long trail, laughing and joking, to a couple of ponds where a bunch of people are clearing tree branches and litter. We got right to work. Most of us girls donned our waders and got down and dirty in the pond picking up trash. It was the funnest thing I've done in a long time. Cause I was walking through water and not getting wet! Some might call that a miracle. However, the pond smelled like poop and trash and was hard to walk in because there were so many logs and debris in it. At one point I was shimmying over this tree that I didn't want to go around because the water was too deep, I got over it and the girl behind me says, "Uh oh! I think you sat in some poop!" Perfect. The next few minutes consisted of me trying to see the poop and the girl saying "Ok, I'm going to touch your butt..." and trying to wipe it off for me. So the rest of the day I walked around with what I can only hope was duck poop on my butt. After awhile me and the other girl were charged with clearing out cattails so that water would flow more freely into the pond. When we first stepped into them there were hundreds of little tadpoles swimming everywhere. We tread carefully. Using clippers, we spent the next couple hours, cutting a clearing cattails and trash from the water, getting really dirty because the plants would flick smelly mud and water into our faces.
At around 11:30 we were told to stop and come have lunch. REI and some other place provided sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit, cliff bars, and fruit rolls for us to eat. It was the best meal I had had in a long time. Then after we had eaten they said "Hey, take some food!" That was a mistake on their part. They obviously did not realize they had a group of college kids amongst them. I ended up taking a bunch of bananas plus one, some muffins, two cliff bars, and a fruit roll before some lady was like "Save some food for everyone else." My fellow clubbers were similarly laden. Then as we were standing around talking, the president of the club said that Clint, a boy we know, was having a bonfire that night and was I doing anything? Then we all left and I thought about how fun that morning had been and how glad I am that I am in Wildlife Conservation.
Later I went to the football game, which I will not discuss except to say it was a shameful disgrace. Then me and Brenna and Kelly went to the Pizza Pie Cafe which was the perfect end to the perfect first part of my perfect day...sigh...
Dont you wish you were me?

Best Day of My Life: Part 2 Getting Down With My Rutts!

Ok, so I just had the best night of my life. It was so fun and awesome. So, I went to this bonfire with a boy from the wildlife and range club and his friend, who is a girl. The bonfire was down at Sandy Beach on Utah Lake. We drive down this long windy road to get there, and we try to park but there is a ledge that drops off into the lake. As this boy, John, tries to back up his front left wheel goes over the ledge! It was the craziest thing to be in a car that was teetering on the edge of a cliff! We were on the brink of death. But really it was like a five foot drop so he just pushed the car while the other girl, Shannon, reversed. I tried to help push but my efforts went unnoticed. I am weak.
So, we get the car out and walk down to the beach where there is a huge party going on. I felt a little self conscious but started talking to people anyway, then John tells me that this is not the right party. Oops. It's actually some wards party, but I made some new friends anyway. Then we decide to find the actual bonfire and walk down the beach. The beach is pretty dark and there is lots of debri so John, being the nature/prepared type, pulls out a HEADLAMP! It actually didn't help us much because when the person wearing the headlamp is walking fast than everyone else, its still hard to see. So, we finally arrive at the right fire and there are two guys and police car standing by it. One of the guys walks up to us, I didn't know him so I kept walking, but he stops me and draws us all close and murmurs, "There's a cop. Just keep it on the DL, don't make a big deal out of it." And this is where my life changed for the better.
The boy that invited us to the bonfire is also in the Wildlife Conservation major and was supposed to meet us there. However, because the three boys were shooting guns, they got the cops called on them and the boy who invited us, Clint, HAD A WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST!!! So, basically I'm thinking this night is getting off to a good start. Unfortunately, Clint only had an outstanding charge for a parking ticket and had to go get money to pay it. So the lady cop and her dog hung out with us for a while, flirted with Brant and vis versa, til Clint payed his fine, then left. Then more people showed up. Here are the introductions:
Brent: (I think this was his name)22 Tall lanky guy, wearing a plaid shirt, talks with a southern accent. Is from the white colonies in Mexico.
Scott: 22 Dark, good looking guy, with nice long curly hair. Is from the white colonies in Mexico, but is often mistaken for a mexican.
Clint: 25 Tall, white, wearing camo hat, is in two of my classes. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska but then moved to white colonies in Mexico. Has a girlfriend who was absent.
John: 24 Looks sort of like Aladdin. President of Wildlife and Range Club and invited me to go to bonfire. From Anchorage, Alaska.
Kemley: girl who looks like Lisa from The Wedding Singer and wears cowboy boots. not important
Dax: Kemleys lover
Jimmy (Patrick): 2- Army kid, blonde, has entourage of two heavy girls and one cute girl i think he likes. Funny. Southern Accent, from Missouri. Tried to ballroom dance with me.
Shannon: 22 has a cute voice. From Homer, Alaska. Knows Arn(d) and Kathy and Kids.
Me: 19 awesome.
All these people, or the guys at least, are nature, gun shootin, alaska/mexico hybrids, so you can see why I felt a kinship with them. And I get the feeling that I am in the movie Sweet Home Alabama on the beach partying with a bunch of hicks. And just to drive the point home, we were burning piling things from Walmart and every car there was a pickup truck. It was the best feeling ever. It was the sort of thing I don't usually do with the sort of people I don't usually hang out with. But at the same time, with my chosen field, these are the people I probably will be hanging out with.
So we sat around making s'mores and burning these pilings, with country music playing on a truck radio. For the record I still do not condone the use of country music. Don't really like it, never have, but it fit well with the atmosphere.
After awhile Brant and Clint decided the party really needed to get going, broke out a homemade cannon, packed it with gunpowder, and lit it off. Then, after jimmy, kemley and their posses left, Clint took out a pistol and we all took turns shooting it at pop cans!!! We were even supplied with earplugs! Brant piled about 5 pilings on the fire so we all had to stand about 15 feet from it or risk third degree burns. I shot the pistol a couple times, but never hit anything but sand. I couldn't even see where I was hitting. Keep in mind it was my first time. I was actually pretty scared because the gun would jump, so I would jump. Then I would get embarassed and look behind me because the guys would laugh. Apparently, Clint finds my gun shootin "adorable". Frankly, I felt I would strike fear into the heart of anyone who saw me with a gun. I'm pretty intimidating.
After that we went home, back to my boring life without po-po, fire, guns, cannons, or any action at all. I hope to hang out with those people again as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hare Krishna! (not really)

Yesterday me and the peeps went to the Indian temple down in Spanish fork for their annual Indian Festival. For any of you who knows what the festival of colors is, it was at the same place. We get there and there is a definite vibe of Woodstock. Everyone is sitting on a hill facing the stage where a woman is Odissi dancing. The general audience consists of Indian people in traditional garb, indie/ flower children, old people, normals, and a couple goth/punks. Mostly indie/flower children. Every time Ive hit up the Indian temple there is a loose, "spiritual" vibe floating around, kind of like you're on drugs and you really want to be Indian. Also, it feels like you are Princess Jasmine except Agraba has been moved and now sits amongst gorgeous mountains. The weirdest part is that the guy running the show is an old white guy who wears a white man sari.
So I as I'm sitting on the grass, vibing to the Indian music, and watching the dancing, I have what can only be explained as an intense spiritual experience brought on by all the intensely spiritual people around me. I feel something hit me in the back of the head. My first thought is that someone threw something at me or a plant was blown into me by the wind. I reach my hand back and grab whatever is caught in my hair. I bring it around and open my hand to find that the thing in my hand is not a plant, but a gigantic wasp. Now most of you who know me also know my intense fear of bees and wasps and being stung by them. However, this time I simply held the wasp in my hand and felt no fear. It sat there for a minute and then flew off. I took this awesome fear-defying experience as proof that I am doing the right thing by majoring in wildlife conservation. Whooooooooaaaaaaa!
I then went off to tour the temple and buy a scarf and those little things you put in the middle of your forehead from the gift shop. All in all, a pretty good day.