Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hare Krishna! (not really)

Yesterday me and the peeps went to the Indian temple down in Spanish fork for their annual Indian Festival. For any of you who knows what the festival of colors is, it was at the same place. We get there and there is a definite vibe of Woodstock. Everyone is sitting on a hill facing the stage where a woman is Odissi dancing. The general audience consists of Indian people in traditional garb, indie/ flower children, old people, normals, and a couple goth/punks. Mostly indie/flower children. Every time Ive hit up the Indian temple there is a loose, "spiritual" vibe floating around, kind of like you're on drugs and you really want to be Indian. Also, it feels like you are Princess Jasmine except Agraba has been moved and now sits amongst gorgeous mountains. The weirdest part is that the guy running the show is an old white guy who wears a white man sari.
So I as I'm sitting on the grass, vibing to the Indian music, and watching the dancing, I have what can only be explained as an intense spiritual experience brought on by all the intensely spiritual people around me. I feel something hit me in the back of the head. My first thought is that someone threw something at me or a plant was blown into me by the wind. I reach my hand back and grab whatever is caught in my hair. I bring it around and open my hand to find that the thing in my hand is not a plant, but a gigantic wasp. Now most of you who know me also know my intense fear of bees and wasps and being stung by them. However, this time I simply held the wasp in my hand and felt no fear. It sat there for a minute and then flew off. I took this awesome fear-defying experience as proof that I am doing the right thing by majoring in wildlife conservation. Whooooooooaaaaaaa!
I then went off to tour the temple and buy a scarf and those little things you put in the middle of your forehead from the gift shop. All in all, a pretty good day.

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