Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Happen

Something I've noticed:

EveryoneImeet: Hi
Mikyn: Hi
EveryoneImeet: I'm ________. What's your name?
Mikyn: My name is Mikyn
EveryoneImeet: Mike-yn? Wait, Mikyn? Wow, you don't hear that everyday. Thats a cool name.
Mikyn: Yep, its pretty weird, thanks.
EveryoneImeet: Yeah, cool. Just so you know you have awesome hair.
Mikyn: (nods) Yep, thanks.

Something I heard while sitting next to Julia/ skyping Alyshia:

Julia: (opens mouth wide so that alyshia can see insider her mouth. its her first skype session.)
Alyshia: Wow, nice anatomy Julia.
Julia: Can you see the hangy down thing?
Alyshia: What, your uvula?
Julia: (gets embarassed and looks around at other people in the apartment, who aren't paying attention) (whispers) No, Alyshia! Thats part of your...(even quieter) vagina.
Alyshia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You mean VULVA, Julia! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Uvula is in your mouth!
Julia: (really embarrassed now) Oh....
Alyshia, Sloan, and Mikyn: HAHAHAHAHAHA
Julia: Well, theres so many u's, v's, and a's!!!

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