Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Joys of Facebook Revealed

Girls night!
In this photo: Caroline M Whitmore (photos), Steph Whitmore (photos), Mikyn Rehder (photos | remove tag), Katie Bell (photos), Katie Bell, Emily Bell (photos)
Added March 14, 2009

Emily Bell: Oh my! we all look so young...

Mikyn Rehder: and ugly

Mary Bell: Crazy gorgeous! We are not even mentioning spiritual, talented, loyal...oh, and thrifty, brave, and reverent!

Emily Bell: I hate to admit it mum, but no one looks reverent in this picture, or crazy gorgeous, or... thrifty...

Mary Bell: Perhaps not here...but I know the bigger picture

Angie Whitmore: oh what cute wee girlies.

Mikyn Rehder: all i know is i look hideous. kind of like gollum but less cute.

Emily Bell: hmm, then I call the cave troll. I've got the same stupid expression on my face

Mikyn Rehder: true dat

Mary Bell: Angie and I see the inner beauty in all of you, even on the outside.

Caroline M Whitmore: well i just look bored which could never be true around you guys!

Mikyn Rehder: thats better than looking drugged

Caroline M Whitmore: but you're always drugged so what do you look like normally!

Mikyn Rehder: o har har

Emily Bell: Katie = witch king. :)

Caroline M Whitmore: Ha ha ha! so true:)

Caroline M Whitmore: Steph just looks really young!

Mikyn Rehder: AH NOOOO! THE HORRROR!!!! everytime i see this i die a little inside

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