Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ride

Weeeell, Ive made it to Utah! Yes, Ive been here for almost two days and I know you're all dieing to hear about how the trip went. Well, in the words of my good friend Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Bennett), "Are you sure you care to know? Prepare yourself for something very dreadful."
I started my trip by waking up at 4 am and catching the 5:20 ferry. Once off the ferry I had a little trouble finding the highway but it only took two tries. Thanks to my newly downloaded music and book on tape the first several hours went pretty fast. The first hitch in my trip came when I missed my first exit. I had to turn around and it only took about ten minutes to get back on track.
My car kept overheating and so I had to keep my heat on almost the ENTIRE trip in like 90 - 100 degree weather. My feet were pretty hot.
But I dont want to bore you with all the gory details... Like my pounding headache and lack of desire to eat because of the heat. I was pretty miserable.
The exciting parts came at the gas stations. Every time I stopped for gas my car wouldn't start again for at least a half hour.

#1: Ellensburg - not important
#2: Somewhere right after I entered Oregon. I get to a gas station, in Oregon people pump your gas for you. So I got my gas pumped by a cute guy, my car wouldn't start, so I got to spend my time waiting talking to cute guy. Not so bad.
#3: Somewhere else in Oregon. Like Old Grand or something. Another young guy, this one short and not so cute but really nice. I got some more water for my headache. Then my car started I get out onto the road and my breaks started freaking out. I almost died.
#4: Idaho. A really small hick, podunk town called Greyson's Ferry or something like that. First, there was no ferry, we were in Idaho for crying out loud. Second, I couldn't get the gas pump to work. By this time I was super dizzy, suffering heat stroke, and talking to dad on the phone, trying to pump my gas. I sat in the gas station and asked dad how much longer I had. It was about 7:30 pm and dad tells me I still have about 5 hours. Thats when I suffered a mental breakdown. I also contemplated suicide.
#6: Snowville, Utah. Lots of nice cowboys asking me if I need help. Also I picked up a couple hitchhikers. Those moths kept me company the rest of the way.
I got to Orem at about 1:30 in the morning. I made it.

Sorry this post wasn't as witty as usual but Im kind of tired and can't be bothered.