Monday, June 7, 2010

Ode to the Stick Shift

So, Ive been learning how to drive a stick because the people I nanny for have one and I need to drive it around. Today was the first time I drove their jeep cherokee, which is even more of a reason to drive it, and needless to say I was terrified. The worst part was starting from stand still. Its nearly impossible in that car. So as I drove around and around practicing for when I had to pick the kids up I was subjected to all manner of barbaric behavior.

For instance, as I tried to pull from a stop sign, the car jerking merrily back and forth, the child in the backseat screaming, some guy drives by and makes a face at me!! Im sure he went through the same experience at one point. Truthfully I'm not one hundred percent sure he wasn't making a face because of some sort of "I know how you feel" moment. Most likely he was just making fun of me. (Literally, this picture is the face he made, I realize there is a big logo in the middle. Its the best I could do.) I suffered many stares today but also many patient drivers who were kind enough to just pass me without a second glance.

The trama over, I am now sitting here comforting myself with pounds of Bliss Chocolates. Hey I NEED them!!

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