Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poky 5

I'm BACK! At work, I mean. Which means I'm back to writing blogs while waiting for my ward to arrive. I also enjoy taking this time to catch up on the blogs I'm following. So please write more.

Anyhoo, I was just reading my friends blog about how she is getting married. For any of you who know Jenny Black, it was her blog. So I'm done with the first one and I was to see the ones I hadn't read yet so I clicked on Next Blog. This one is topped with a picture of a couple holding a 2010 sign and it reads "The Dashmmore Family" or something like that. Unlucky for me I didn't take the hint and continued to read, imagining the blog from Jenny's perspective. So I continue to scroll down taking in a story written in pictures about a man and his neighbor friend running the Pocahontos 5K. Not until I am nearly done with the blog post do I realize that the narrator is calling this man "babe". Now, this guy is not Jenny's fiance, so I get a little suspicious. I scroll back up to the top and finally realize that there is a different family in the picture (duh), and I have just spent ten minutes looking at some random people's pictures of a 5k. I feel, not only stupid, but as if I've just intruded into someone else's life. yeck.

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