Sunday, June 13, 2010


You know when someone is watching you do something that, by yourself wouldn't be embarassing, but because someone witnessed you doing it it was?

Well today I was laying on my stomach on our couch reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It's a good book, dont judge me. Well I've been feeling pretty fat lately and I noticed that when I moved my butt would jiggle. yes.

Anyway, I started pushing my feet against the arm of the couch really fast. This action made my butt jiggle and I silently gauged how much it was jiggling and whether or not this was worrisome. Then I decided to look and see if I could see it jiggling. So I was laying there pushing, jiggling, looking, stopping to see if the jiggling lingered after my feet stopped moving, pushing, jiggling, looking again. Then I glanced up at the TV and to my horror realized that dad, with a look of skepticism on his face, was staring at me. Watching me make my butt jiggle.

If the confusion in his eyes wasn't enough, just before I laughed myself to tears from shear embarassment he says...

"If you're going to perform these little experiments, you should do them in private."

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