Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dream Dogs and Spiders

Dogs. Scary, gross, rubber-skinned, HUGE DOGS!!!! Thats what I dreamed about last night.

For those of you who have seen Avatar imagine those strange wild dogs the guy fights at the beginning of the movie and then imagine them the size of great danes.

Then imagine that your so-called "friend" Alyshia wants to watch the movie "Spliced". You agree because, heck, its a dream and thats what you do. So you start to watch the movie. The scientists are making some sort of alien hybrid or whatever happens, but the experiment goes wrong. So very wrong. The evil creatures that we see in the real movie are not the same in the dream movie. Instead they turn into these grotesque dogs that go around and kill everything that they see. Then the movie comes to life and suddenly there are killer dogs everywhere!!! There you are watching the television when suddenly the room has three killer dogs in it! One attacks Alyshia and the other two sink their teeth into your neck and shoulders. You are screaming but the dogs dont go for the kill they just hold you in their grip which is tingling unpleasantly. And you scream at Alyshia (who doesn't seem that worried) to pause the stupid movie!!! She does, the dogs freeze, and you throw them off. But no you're not safe because MORE dogs that aren't frozen enter the room. You run. Down the stairs, out of the house, Alyshia tells you something important that you can't remember. You run for your red camaro while the yard is swarming with huge zombie dogs. You open the door and a dog jumps in ahead of you. Somehow you get it out. The lady who owns the house comes home and you want to warn her but are too interested in saving yourself. The dogs try to fence in your car but you speed right through them.
This whole time you are also freaking out because everything you see is rated R, like the movie.
You drive until you come to water and some docks. Alyshia is there. You both get in a boat and onto the water where the dogs can't get you. You speed across the water. (meanwhile the scientists who created the dogs are dieing in explosions) Then suddenly an enormous ghost/dog/skeleton/zombie comes out of the water and chases you. THEN DOGS ARE JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER!!!!! You are really terrified now. The boat lands and you and Alyshia run into a building which turns out to be a huge secret Netflix headquarters. You sneak past the the guards and employees and lie to the the bosses. Why? BECAUSE ALYSHIA WANTS TO RENT SPLICED!!!! And its no surprise that they dont want you to. Then it gets hazy but you vaguely remember death, murder, and complete world annihilation. All because some dumb scientists wanted to get creative.

This dream was terrifying. The worst part is I kept waking up to get rid of the nightmare, but when I fell asleep again it was still there!!! Upon much reflection I have decided that the dream had a moral after all. Alyshia is a satanist.

This dream was preceded and followed by a one about missing the first day of class because I couldn't find my schedule and one about spiders which is Regens fault because she told me that my blanket may have a spider on it.


  1. Nice blog, but you need to do some spelling and grammar checks. For instance, it should be "she and her mom" when referring to Alex's arrival. Also, I think dieing is spelled dying.

  2. does is really matter? you still know what im talking about