Friday, May 28, 2010

Howler Monkey

Ive been noticing that children scream and cry quite a bit. Its not that BIG of a revelation but it does grate on ones nerves. Obviously I expected to deal with screaming children but I can't help wondering why they dont seem to understand me when I tell them to stop crying. Its not like I'm speaking another language!
For instance, the other day I noticed that Alex's hair was so full of knots and tangles that it was literally plastered to her head. I also suspect a certain degtree of hairspray added to the damage. So I took it upon myself to comb through the knots because she has gorgeous long red hair underneath the rats nest. This was no easy task and I sat there for two and a half hours, barely able to touch her head because she was screaming and crying, but also trying to untable her hair. I tried to distract her by the TV, which sometimes worked, but if she ever came to her senses the water works started up again. At the end of the two and a half hours I had only gotten a small portion of her hair undone.
Now I am watching Jackson, who is one, and obviously needs constant attention. He is currently running a car up and down my leg, which actually feels kind of good. But if he doesn't get his way...he starts to moan and cry, usually while writhing on the floor. If I carry him into a room to play he goes limp in my arms and melts to the floor like jell-o and has a fit. I cant tell him to stop because he speaks his own language.
Do not worry about me. I knew what I was getting into when I started nannying. But I am learning many new things. Like, it is pretty much impossible to guide an one year old to a hidden ball hidden behind a chair by pointing and saying "Behind you Jackson!"

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