Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Soooooo...Here I am!!! Embarking on my first blog experience. I decided to start a blog because I am nannying this summer and it will give me something to do. Something other than reading, sleeping, or actually interacting with the kids. Im starting this blog sitting in a house, at a table, with a blanket wrapped around me and it gives me the feeling that I should complete the senario with a mug of coffee from which to sip. But I dont think I will.
I watch three little kids. Jackson, 1, Jasmine, 6, and Alex, 5. Alex comes to Jackson and Jasmine's house and I watch her while those two are at school/interactive day care. Alex is supposed to arrive at 9:30 everyday when her mom goes to work. Well this simple situation has become somewhat of a guess and check because she keeps coming at different times! For instance yesterday, I arrived at a punctual 9:25 so that I might be here when Alex came. However, when I drove up her and her mom were already waiting for me outside! That made me feel a little bit like a bad nanny. So today I decided to leave my house at nine, so that I would definitely get here before them. And I did. In fact, I waited and waited for them without any results. The worst part is that I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.
This is where the craziness starts. You see, I have a giant fear of public restrooms. I just think that certain business should be taken care of in the privacy of a single, in-home bathroom where nobody can listen in or make you feel rushed by waiting in line. In fact when I first got to my dorm at BYU I would sometimes wait and set my alarm for 3:00 in the morning so that I could "go" in peace. So this is the kind of problem I faced while waiting for Alex this morning. I couldn't "go" for fear that her and her mom would drive up and start shouting for me while I was indisposed. Some things cant be rushed!!! So an ordeal that would have taken a couple seconds was put off minute after minute while I waited. I had to start walking around and even vacuumed the floor! Finally, twenty minutes later here she is and I am done waiting.

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