Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Man

(one option)

Being at BYU has made me think a lot about relationships and marriage. example: I am currently enrolled in a class called LDS Marriage and Family Relations, the guy I sat next to in that class today is married, and more and more of my friends are pairing off. I however remain totally and completely alone.
I'm beginning to think something is wrong with me. Obviously I'm attractive, funny, hard working, intelligent, stylish, and down to earth. Attracting a mate is not the problem. It's keeping them around. Either I don't give them enough incentive to stick around or I get bored too quickly and decide I don't like them. It's a pretty good balance. Whenever a guy I like starts liking me I drop him like a rock, but at the same time I can like a guy who doesn't like me for YEARS. Until he starts liking me.
So I figure, since I'm waiting this long for the right guy I might as well be really picky and only go for the sort of guys I want. I have that luxury, I've learned to live on my own.
I've compiled a list of traits that I would like my future boyfriend/husband to have (not in any particular order:
1. Muscular Arms - I am undeniably attracted to large, muscular biceps. I can't help it. No matter what the guy looks like face-wise, if he has big arms I'm already interested. Not huge, just nice.

2. Tall - being 5'8'' I think I am entitled to a semi tall guy. However being in Utah limits my options, but I am still on the hunt for a nice tall man. Someone I can wear heels around and still have him be taller. A nice 6'2, 6'3 is all I'm asking.

3. Rugged - I want a guy who likes the outdoors and especially animals since I plan to have a lot of them. It would be nice to meet a guy that would like the same things I like and maybe work with me. We could own a ranch in Montana or go to Africa and save the cheetahs and the orphans. I don't want a redneck though. Sorry rednecks.

(these guys are pretty rugged right? I mean, they're wearing plaid and they're running so...)
ok maybe a mix of them and this guy

4. Dancer - As in can dance. I want a guy who can move cause I like to dance and I'll bring him along.

5. Funny/ Sarcastic - Must be able to understand my sarcastic sense of humor. Otherwise my family will eat him alive.

6. Likes to play with my hair - This is probably the most important trait. He's going to see a lot of hair playing time and needs to learn to enjoy it.

7. Makes me feel small - my guy has to be larger than me so that I feel small. Can't be super skinny or (like I said) short.

8. Smells Good - like when I walk by him I am drawn to him like a cat to catnip.

9. Nice Face - The first step is attraction. Although I'm willing to make an acception:

10. Has a secret obsession with Lord of the Rings - Mandatory. The End

I don't think I'm asking too much here. I know there has to be a guy like this out there somewhere. Right? You may say, "Mikyn, you are too concerned with how the guy looks. Shallow!" Well I say, FALSE! Any guy who has these characteristics is bound to be a super nice person. Anyway, Julia is the one who is always telling me to find a "manly" man.

As a side note the searches for these pictures often led me to "questionable" material. The things I do for you people.


  1. 1. Did you mean to misspell "intelligent"?

    2. Manly men are a Rehder necessity. There is no room for anything else, I'm glad you're remembering my advice!

  2. You should have a call-out meeting!
    I'll do the initial screening that involves LOTR trivia and a once over with measuring tape. If they pass, they'll get to meet my friend the mist bottle before they show up to take you out to out into the untamed plaid wilderness.
    Just hoping that helps.

  3. Great except how could you ever get past the fact that good ole Jake kissed a man, even though it WAS Heath Ledger.

  4. I hope you enjoy being single because there might be about five guys out there with that description. And then maybe one of the five would be Mormon... maybe.
    Honestly maybe you should focus on studying instead of worrying about not being married. BYU culture has a huge problem with pressuring girls to get married young and making them believe something's wrong if they're not married before they're 21.

  5. Uhm, who is anonymous? Because I don't think they fit No 5. I was wondering if you were developing a porn addiction after viewing these pictures. I'm glad you explained that at the end.

  6. im not worried about getting married, yet.

  7. actually, you know, you're right anonymous. I retract the lord of the rings criteria, that might be asking a little too much.

  8. you should also maybe retract numbers 1,2, and 4. (well maybe not depends on how critical you are)