Friday, October 25, 2013


I found this cool website where you can morph faces together. So! I decided to morph mine and Doc's faces together to see what our kids would look like, you know, because I never got into that creepy phase while we were dating. Now, it's somewhat socially acceptable. Anyway, long story short, here they are....

This is the first morph of our faces. I think it still basically looks like both of us seperately. So I tried FOUR pictures!

Oh yeah... Muuuuuch better. That is one good looking morph! Now onto the babies!

Here is our sexually ambiguous baby. Precious. I mean, aside from the flaming hair, I think that our baby could actually look like this. Because there is seriously no way our babies will be gingers. None.

It's a BOY!!! That has very effeminate features... great.

Awwwww! Our little girl! Look at her beautiful brown ey- wait... Why does she have brown eyes? Neither Doc NOR I have brown eyes...WHOSE BABY IS THIS????

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