Monday, September 30, 2013

Misconceptions About Marriage

Happy One Month Anniversary Everybody!!! Yes, it has been a whole month since Doc and I got married and boy has it been a whirlwind of excitement!

We're always making crazy plans and doing really exciting things that you do when you get married. Like going to school and work and watching all of the Star Wars movies because Doc's never seen them and I'm tired of explaining Star Wars references to him. Ok, in actuality married life is not that exciting. It's awesome and fun and everything, but I sit around just as much as I did before I got married, but maybe that has more to say about me than marriage in general...

Anway, in honor of Doc and I's one month anniversay I have compiled a list of misconceptions that Mormon girls (and, let's face it, girls in general) have about marriage that will be disillusioned within one month of marriage. These are from my personal experience and shared experiences of others. If your marriage isn't exactly like this then SOOOOOOORRY. Just beware all you unmarried girls out there. Beware.

1. Misconception: You think that because your guy doesn't have a video game consol and you've never seen him play one that you've dodged the "video gamer" bullet. There is no way that your BF/fiance is one of those lame guys that plays halo for 72 hours straight.

FACT: What you didn't realize is that just because he doesn't have video game consol doesn't mean he's not a gamer. In fact, almost every boy likes videogames and there's still something called "computer" games that we girls forget about. Basicaly, if he has a laptop, he's a gamer and he will spend HOURS on the web shooting vampires, robbing banks, and pretending to be a busty she-elf with a crossbow. You will have to complain for about 7 hours before he stops so... get used to it.

2. Misconception: Your apartment is going to be perfect, with matching furniture from IKEA and a well planned out wall display of photos and pinterest wreaths.

FACT: In reality this will not happen, unless your rich and can make it happen. You will probably be living in the cheapest apartment you could find (unless you're rich) and your furniture will come with a FREE sign and be slightly damp from sitting on the side of the road. If you're like me, you may not even have furniture for a month or so. Your couches may have mismatched covers on them and your bookshelf probably won't match your kitchen table. As for the wall display, that is still possible, but only if you have the time/energy to devote to making crafts and arranging photos. We all want to, but is it possible?

3. Misconception: You will be the perfect modern housewife while working and/or going to school. You're going to make pinterest perfect meals for your husband every night (which he will love) and keep the house clean, fridge stocked, and all the finances taken care of.

FACT: In reality you will try out pinterest recipes that end up being "not that great" and your husband won't like anything you make anyway and will complain about the meal BEFORE you even start making it. At times like these you must learn to ignore husbands. And you will put in your best effort to buy his favorite groceries, make him snacks to bring to school, and run all the errands while balancing other aspects of your life, but sometimes you'll just say "screw it" and take a nap.

4. Misconception: ***WARNING PG-13*** You think sex will be this passionate, erotic experience that takes your breath away like in the movies.

FACT: And it will be! For him. In reality sex is fun and exciting at first, but it's not the same for girls as it is for guys. Let's just say... movies (and your imagination) lie.

5. Misconception: You think you're done with never having any plans, friends, or anything to do.

FACT: I spend as much time alone, in bed, on pinterest now as I did before I got married. It takes more effort to actually go do something when your buddy is already at home with you. Wouldn't you rather just watch a movie and go to bed? So make sure to put in the effort. And it's ok to still hang out with friends.

But just so you guys know, marriage is awesome. It's different than you think and it's definitely not perfect (I mean it's only been a month so... room for improvement). But I'm only 22 and I keep thinking that I should have done this years ago. Except then I would have been way too young because I don't condone teenagers getting married and now I'm rambling so you get the idea.


  1. Hahahaha! This made me laugh. Especially the part about furniture! That part was definitely true of our first apartment.

  2. #4 Glad to know I'm not the only one! haha.

  3. #3: Pinterest = lies. %90 of the meals aren't that great for the average husband (or at least Chris and, apparently, Doc).

    #2: I have been married for a year and we barely got our bed off of the ground with a free bed stand.

    #4: Mikyn, I love that you-- Mikyn Rehder (Fullmer)-- said that about sex. Because I would have expected you to be the one exception for women out there.

    Love you. Miss you. Glad you're happy. Thanks for graduating with me.